Opal Necklace

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An iridiscent opal stone encased in a golden necklace. It comes in two variants: single and double chain. The version with double chain can be used to hide the neck seam.

Its design is based on a the reference photo of a real necklace provided by Chakaru.

The jewel glows intermittently and gives the player the following bonus stats:

  • Intelligence +5 pts
  • Fortify Health +10 pts
  • Resist Disease +50 pts
You can buy it from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District.

The Witcher 2 Poor Clothes Revised

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This is a revised version of roblesstevena's TW2 Poor Clothes. He did an excellent job porting these outfits from The Witcher 2 but I felt like the male variants needed some tweaks.

I removed the hump on their back, reduced the clipping as much as possible, fixed the distorted texture mapping on the pants and improved the weight paint here and there. I also added these outfits for sale at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District even though they're not exactly... elegant LOL.

I wish this could be uploaded as an update to the main file but roblesstevena never replied my PM. Luckiliy he stated in the readme that his mod could be modified and reuploaded as long as credits are given to CDProject Red and Witcher5688 so here it is.

Gold Diamond Ring

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This mod adds an exquisite gold diamond ring that can be purchased from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District. I've made this model from scratch using real life photos for reference.

The ring is enchanted with the following spell effects:
- 25% Reflect Magic
- 25% Spell Absorption
- 25% Resist Magic

This wiki entry explains exactly how these 3 effects will work when combined together: Reflect vs Absorb vs Resist. Basically the item will first try to reflect an offensive spell, there's a 25% success rate to do so. If it fails then spell absorption will kick in. Again there's a 25% chance to convert incoming damage into magicka. If spell absorption doesn't work either then resist magic will trigger for sure and reduce the damage received by 25%.

There are 3 instances of the same ring: the first is the normal one, the other two are for female characters that use smaller hands, one fits the right hand and the other fits the left hand. However only one instance should be used per time since this item is very powerful to the point that it could be considered a cheat item.

PC Mana - Custom Race

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Those who've been following me for a while may be familiar with Eli. He's been my main character since 2011, but for some reason I've never been very happy with his looks. I can't tell how many times I've edited his face! No matter what, there was always something that seemed a little bit off to me. So in the end I've decided that Eli will have to be reshelled: I will remake his face from scratch (maybe even swap head mesh for a new one), give him a better equipment and write a totally different background story.

In the meantime I have created Mana, a brand new character that will take the place of Eli as my main. He uses my revised version of FF head which now has better morphs for facial expressions, a totally new face texture and matching human ears. I could've fixed the messy UV map - and also removed 2 unnecessary vertices along the neck seam - but I chose not to because I wanted to keep compatibility with the original release of FF head.

Mana is mixed blood, he's an Imperial and also has Akaviri ancestry. The idea of a young Akaviri warrior mage has been rattling around in my mind for quite some time. I gave him a Japanese female name because I think it suits him. He's named after Manami Anzai, a fictional character from the manga and drama Life. However he's not as wicked as her.

Mana comes with equippable body parts which can be worn like any other clothes. By default he uses the SLAth build from Robert's Male. A copy my A4 body is also available. If you use OBSE and its Blockhead plugin, Oblivion's default body will be automatically replaced with Robert SLAth when clothes are taken off.

Here's a full list of his wearable body parts with the corresponding console codes. XX is a placeholder for the modindex, a two-digit number that indicates the position of an esp/esm in your load order. OBMM can help you identify the correct modindex.

Mana's SLAth body
XX002A01 - Hands
XX002A02 - Feet
XX002A03 - Torso
XX002A04 - Legs
XX002A05 - LegsC
XX002A06 - LegsD
XX002A07 - LegsDLNS
XX002A08 - LegsDLS
XX002A09 - LegsDNNS
XX002A10 - LegsDNS
XX002A11 - LegsHLNS
XX002A12 - LegsHLS
XX002A13 - LegsHNNS
XX002A14 - LegsHNS
XX002A15 - LegsSLNS
XX002A16 - LegsSLS
XX002A17 - LegsSNNS
XX002A18 - LegsSNS
XX002A19 - LegsSQLS

Mana's A4 body
XX002B01 - Hands
XX002B02 - Feet
XX002B03 - Torso
XX002B04 - Legs
XX002B05 - LegsC

Mana's Underwear
XX002C01 - Underwear SLAth
XX002C02 - Underwear A4

Only body parts and a pair of briefs (inherited from Eli) are included in this mod. I have recently released the Musa armor and a black fundoshi that were made specifically for Mana, though. These can be downloaded separately. 

Installation is very easy: copy Mana.bsa and Mana.esp
to your Oblivion\Data folder and activate the plugin. In the character creation menu select Mana's race and reset his face. You can then change his hairstyle and eye color. This mod incorporates a custom race fix. I have included a pdf document with Mana's personal information and background story.

N.B. If you decide to change race again later in game, please first unequip all items added by this mod and dress your character in stock clothes, otherwise you will get a crash to desktop.

Delete the files to uninstall the mod.

Please give me credit if you want to use the assets coming with this mod. in order to use content made by other creators listed below you'll need to get their permission first.

Final Fantasy Head Revised
(Based on Jihl Nabaat’s head from Final Fantasy XIII)
Textures and new morphs for facial expressions


I'd like to thank DitzyRobert, Naxiath and Hmmm1232 for beta testing this custom race.

Rose Locket Necklace

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This mod adds an oval-shaped locket necklace with a pretty engraved design of a rose on the front. The case opens to reveal a portrait of Lucien Lachance which is a beautiful cosplay picture made by Chaosvin.

I actually made this mod long ago as a gift for Myst42 but never released it to public. In its original version the locket contained a family photo of Myst's character Elena.

The necklace comes in two variants, open and closed, and can be purchased from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District.

N.B. if you don't use a HGEC based female body and/or you get a clipping issue around the neck area please replace the plugin with the alternate esp included.

Musa Armor

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A little over 3 years ago I asked Farlibarcai to port this Musa outfit from BDO, partly because I didn't have access to the original models and above all because, let's be honest, I was lazy and it was nice to have someone else do the dirty work in my place.

Back then, however, I didn't have a suitable character for wearing this kind of outfit so I decided to store the files on my hard drive and wait for the right moment to dust them off. It seems that that moment has finally arrived. My most recent character Mana is the perfect actor for sporting oriental style clothes thanks to his Akaviri social and cultural background.

Of course I wanted to add my personal touch to the outfit and, after fixing some clipping issues here and there, I embellished it with a shamisen and two katanas. The final design is hopefully a good mix of Chinese, Korean and Japanese elements. Only one katana is functional, the other one is part of the scabbard and it's there only for aesthetics. The Lotus Shamisen was made by DaveGouge in Maya and can be found online. 

This mod can also be considered sort of a testing subject. In fact I've been experimenting with NifSkope properties in the attempt to implement animations and special effects, even though the game's engine does not support animations for skinned meshes. As expected some properties work effectively whereas other don't. The alpha transparency controller for example works like a charm and allowed me to make the body tattoos glow at regular intervals. Simple animations such as rotating meshes instead, despite being displayed correctly in NifSkope, will glitch like crazy in game (possibly a problem on my end).

Nonetheless I used a workaround to incorporate a rotating arcane glyph in the shoe file. The transparency may act up when you look at the glyph from certain camera angles but overall the result is acceptable and gives the outfit a magic vibe. By the way, while the shoes are equipped a dedicated script will boost sneak, athletics and acrobatics by 2 points each.

Lastly, I attached a Mini Musa to the katana. It doesn't do anything special, it just floats around your shoulder, but it's really cute. It comes from Fiesta Online and it's similar to Chakaru's Mini Lich. I retextured its face to make it look even cuter. I like to think it's the spirit of a warrior defeated in battle that dwells in the sword. 

On a side note, this armor was specifically made for Mana, who will be released later as a playable race, therefore it only includes a SLAth body option. It comes with two variants: one is fully clothed, the other one is shirtless leaving half of the torso and the tattoos exposed. The set can be purchased from Maro Rufus at The Best Defense in the Imperial City Market District.

Patchwork Animals

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I found these models of two stuffed toys and decided to port them because they're cute and can be used to decorate the master bedroom in your player's house. They're not just simple pieces of clutter actually, in fact they will grant several stats bonuses as long as you carry them in your inventory. You can find them for sale at Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise in the Imperial City Market District.

The bonuses (and maluses) provided by the two items are listed below.

Patchwork Lion
- Strength +2
- Agility +2
- Athletics +2
- Acrobatics +2
- Mercantile +2
- Willpower -2

Patchwork Panda
- Intelligence +2
- Heavy Armor +2
- Block +2
- Hand to Hand +2
- Speechcraft +2
- Speed -2

Please enjoy and have a wonderful New Year's Day!

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