Halloween Pumpkin Lamp

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Since I didn't have enough time to make a Halloween costume mod this year I thought I could at least try to rig up a small gift at the last minute. The result is this pumkin lamp that I found online and ported hastily. It's a fully functional lantern that can be carried like any other torch, with the difference that its fire will never go out. It can be found by the tombstones in the Green Emperor Way in the Imperial City. Happy Haunting! 

Ryu Hayabusa's Black Fundoshi

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I found this simple fundoshi model lying around that seemed like the perfect addition to my Imperial/Akaviri character's wardrobe. At first I thought it could make for an easy and fast porting but then I got a little carried away and decided to make it fit for other male body variants. It works with the following body types: Muscular, Heavy Muscular, SLAth, Bodybuilder and A4. It can be purchased from Palonyria at The Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District.

Room207 Prince of Persia 2008 v2.0

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This is a revamped version of my Prince of Persia outfit which aims at improving some details such as the necklace and the hood (which will now fit a wider range of head meshes, including FFHead). It also adds a SLAth option of the armor for characters with a less muscular build. You can get it from Maro Rufus who sells light armors and weapons at The Best Defense in the Imperial City Market District.

Bloodborne Hunter Outfit

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This is the hunter armor from the game Bloodborne, it can be bought from Maro Rufus at The Best Defense in the Imperial City Market District.. I've ported it as a birthday present for my friend Hmmm... which was on May 5. Rigging the cape took a lot longer than expected, but the extra time I put into this allowed me to figure out a way to rig a decent cape without distortions and very minimal clipping. I'd suggest using my Bloodborne burial weapons as a complement to this outfit.

P.S. Please do me a favor and only wear the hat with a short haircut, I don't want to see hair clipping through the hat in your screenshots!

Room207 DOA Hayate Reindeer

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Here's a small Christmas gift to try to cheer everyone up through the pandemic that's jeopardizing the world. It's a funny Reindeer costume worn by Hayate in Dead or Alive. You can get it from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District. When you drop it on the floor it takes the appearance of a reindeer plush. I hope you like it, my friends, and I wish you a Merry Christmas!

P.S. I recommend wearing this outfit with a very short hairstyle to prevent clipping with the hood.

Kyle Katarn's Outfit

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When I found this Star Wars outfit online I thought I should port it to Oblivion. The challenge here was to make it look as much lore friendly as possible. That's why I've cluttered it with all sorts of embellishments.

Now, this is supposed to be Kyle Katarn's uniform in the Star Wars universe so I chose my Kyle character to showcase it. And since Kyle is a healer and a thief, all the embellishments I've added to the costume pertain to those two classes. There's a book, a set of keys, a repair hammer, a potion, a coin purse and a few lockpicks. I also made a necklace to hide any possible neckseam. With all those props I guess it looks more like a Christmas tree, ahahah.

The outfit can be bought from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District.

Bless Dragonsword

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Even if this is not a Christmas themed mod I made it as a small gift for Christmas. It adds the Dragon Sword from Bless Online in 3 variants, 2 of which are enchanted and have a simple particle effect. The weapons can be purchased from Rohssan at A Fighting Chance in the Imperial City Market District. Enjoy the happy days and Merry Christmas everyone!

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