This handsome Nord from Skyrim became famous for shutting an Oblivion gate all by himself. Born and raised in Falkreath, he received a very high education and was trained both in lethal spellcasting and in fighting. He can wield several types of weapons and use different combat styles. At the age of 31, he's got all it takes to become a hero, but with his cold and calculating personality he tends to stray off the right path. Status: released as a GGC companion.

Eli Bosco
My main character, a 20-year old Imperial from Anvil. Humble and honest but reckless and stubborn, he was raised by a fisherman after his family disappeared in a shipwreck shortly after his birth. Now that he has grown, believing that his parents could still be alive and determined to find them, he heads to the Imperial City to consult the official records of the accident, but there he gets arrested for a dispute with some guards.  Status:  released as a custom race. A GGC companion is also planned.

Bloom the pixie
This little fairylike being is technically a summonable creature and not a proper character. He's a mischievous and playful sprite with a strong affinity with nature and resembles the spirit of a flower turned into a butterfly. In battle he can conveniently choose between a melee fighting style and a ranged attack.  Status: available as a summonable creature.

Kyle Fergus
A healer from Elsweyr, he was a support character I played in Morrowind (my former Nerevarine was instead a Dunmer woman named Morgan). He's the son of a rich and wealthy family from the portual town of Senchal and he's got a real talent for restoration magic. After his ups and downs in Vvardenfell he travels to Cyrodiil and joins Eli in his adventures only to find out that he's the little brother everyone believed dead. Status: released as an FCM companion patch.

Shazzan the cat
A magical cat that wanders about the Arcane University. It is rumored that he once belonged to a witch or warlock hence his affiliation with the Mages Guild. He's now waiting for a new guardian to support in battle with his magic powers. He can become invisible, heal himself and others and cast buff spells that boost a person's skills. Plus he's fluffy and cute!!! Who could resist such an adorable pet? Status: released as a ridable creature companion.

This little kid from Solstheim is an alchemist apprentice who came to Cyrodiil to collect rare ingredients as it will be explained in his storyline. He's my attempt at turning the famous Vilja companion into a male character. He inherited Vilja's personality and her voice so he's clumsy and chatty. Even though he's very concerned for his accent, when he starts to talk there's no way to stop him. Status: released as a companion and custom race.

This character was conceived when I challenged myself to make a good-looking Redguard. He's got a neutral alignment but no backgroud story. When I first published his pictures he met a favorable reception so why not letting the users write his background story? This might be a good idea for a contest that I'll seriously take into account. Status: not yet completed.

A dark and sinister entity from Necrom, the City of the Dead. The soul of this vampire necromancer was sealed by the Tribunal in a grimoire and entrusted to the Order of the Virtuous Blood for safekeeping. If the seal is released and the tome ends in the posession of the wrong person his evil power would be unleashed. He's bloodthirsty and full of hatred. He can read people's hearts and manipulate their minds, only the pure can oppose his will. Status: released as a summonable companion and custom race.

My first attempt to make a male character using Head06. Status: the creation of this character is still in its early stages so I can't provide any relevant information.

Madio is Eli's childhood friend, he's 17 years old. He's an elf and is native of Cyrodiil. I plan to give him a bow as main weapon but I also want him to be able to cast magic, maybe summon spells. I wonder how the archer/conjurer combo would work... Status: Unreleased.

Old friends and new acquaintances
Other characters cannot be shown here either because they need a makeover or because they're still in beta phase. Among them are Raoul, Lavinia and a secret character. I'll add information about them when they start to take a more defined form.