Constantine WIP

Just a preview of some of my current WIPs: Redguard Companion Constantine and Malik's Armor. I've been wanting to create a Redguard character for years and finally he's here. The name Constantine might be temporary but his appereance is decided. I've ported Malik's armor from Prince of Persia for him. This was with no doubt the most tedious porting I've ever done. What I thought to be an easy task became incredibly tricky, instead. The proportions of the original body were absurd, the legs, in particular, were excessively long. And the pauldrons... oh my god! A hell! Now it's decent but not perfect, the legs still fold ackwardly but luckily it's not so noticeable. I'll leave it like this at least for the moment, I think it's not possible to do better than this. Porting the sword now.

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