Robert's screenshots

My dear friend Robert has taken several screenshots of my characters lately... and I thought it was a shame not to make them public, so I asked him for permission to collect them here in this post. Thank you Robert for your tribute to my characters, you really know how to make them shine!!!

Facelift and small changes

I was sick of Kyle's eyebrows and beard disappearing when self shadows covered his face so I decided to transfer his facial hair from his age map to his diffuse texture. And since I had noticed that without OR skin shader Eli's face was looking grainy and dirty I gave both guys a facelift by smoothing out their normal maps. If you want the new updates please re-download FCM Companion Kyle Fergus and PC Eli 2.0.

Thorn Knight Armor

Download Download

The talented Asteria Sennal has recently made a retexture/mashup of the Chantry Seeker armor that can be downloaded at the Drunken Crafters Inn. This version is both for men and women and comes with separate gauntlets, cape and cloak, and with a retextured shield borrowed from ElderScrollsFan001. The original armor is included and will now work  for male and female characters too.

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