Kyle Katarn's Outfit

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When I found this Star Wars outfit online I thought I should port it to Oblivion. The challenge here was to make it look as much lore friendly as possible. That's why I've cluttered it with all sorts of embellishments.

Now, this is supposed to be Kyle Katarn's uniform in the Star Wars universe so I chose my Kyle character to showcase it. And since Kyle is a healer and a thief, all the embellishments I've added to the costume pertain to those two classes. There's a book, a set of keys, a repair hammer, a potion, a coin purse and a few lockpicks. I also made a necklace to hide any possible neckseam. With all those props I guess it looks more like a Christmas tree, ahahah.

The outfit can be bought from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District.

Bless Dragonsword

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Even if this is not a Christmas themed mod I made it as a small gift for Christmas. It adds the Dragon Sword from Bless Online in 3 variants, 2 of which are enchanted and have a simple particle effect. The weapons can be purchased from Rohssan at A Fighting Chance in the Imperial City Market District. Enjoy the happy days and Merry Christmas everyone!

Bloodborne Weapon Pack

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This weapon pack was supposed to be my Halloween gift but unfortunately I couldn't complete it within the deadline. It adds a set of weapons ported from the game Bloodborne. Items can be purchased from Maro Rufus at the Best Defense in the Imperial City Market District. The robe in the pictures is my Gold-Hemmed Black Set.

Dead Links


I'm currently fixing all the broken links on this blog so there's no need to report dead download links for the time being. It's a long and tedious procedure, please be patient and wait until I'm finished. I will update this post when I'm done. Also, good news: downloads won't be processed through anymore so no more annoying ads.

Broken links have finally been repaired so all downloads are restored. Goodbye, we won't miss you.

Portraits of Courage

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Portraits of Courage is a collection of portaits painted by the artist Naygal Kayna. All models are original characters created by me. You can teleport to a showcase room by typing 'coc NayKayGallery' in the console. This is a modder's resource and can be used freely as long as credits are given. I made it so that replacing my characters' portraits with artworks of your choice would be very easy if you know the basics of modding. Future updates might include new paintings, possibly featuring new characters I'll be working on. A very warm thank you to the talented NayKayna for making these gorgeous pieces of art.

Santa Suit

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Here's a small gift to wish everybody Merry Christmas, a Santa costume ported from Tera. It comes in two colors, red and greyish blue, and with two pairs of equippable antlers which take the amulet slot. As usual items can be purchased from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District. I know Christmas is in one week and it's probably too early to release this mod but I've seen many people posting Christmas screenshots already so why not showing off this outfit too?

Asian robe bodybuilder edition

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Vesuvian has converted my Asian robe to the bodybuilder body and I asked him for permission to upload it here. I also adjusted the coin necklace to fit the bulkier shape of the chest. The smaller size of the clothes contained in the previous release is also included. Items can be bought at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District as usual.

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