ESF Compass

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This is a compass that I have made in Blender using reference photos uploaded by ElderScrollsFan001 at Oblivion Nexus [1][2]. It can be worn like an amulet and the ground model is fully functional thanks to the scripts provided by DrakeTheDragon. It comes in two variants with two different compass roses. Items can be purchased from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City's Market District.

Mummy costume for Halloween

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This is Ryu Hayabusa's mummy costume from Dead or Alive 5. I decided to port it because I've never released a mod for Halloween and I haven't seen many Halloween costumes for the males. As usual this outfit can be purchased from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District. It requires textures compatible with Robert's Male Body Replacer V5.2. I find its anatomy a little weird, in fact the hips are slightly narrow and the thigh joints seem to stick out too much, in fact I had to struggle to make them fold decently. Still not perfect but at least now the legs don't fold awkwardly.

Nier 9S Outfit

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My porting of 9S' outfit from Nier is finally ready for public release. I've been working very slowly on this because, let's be honest, I hardly expect it to turn out decent considering the low quality of the source material. The miniature diffuse texture was awful and I thought there was nowhere I could go with it. Plus the outfit was so disproportionate that I couldn't figure how to get it to match Oblivion's male body shape. Nonetheless I decided to proceed and what happened next was totally unexpected. I placed the files of my WIP in the data folder for a quick in game test and... surprise! The texture didn't look so bad, in fact it looked rather good! I guess this is one of those cases where the normal map works magics.

The outfit comes in two variants, regular and skimpy, which can be purchased from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District. It will better fit characters with a slender/average body type and requires textures from Robert's Male Body Replacer V5.2 to work properly. The blindfold is a separate item that takes the tail slot.

Companion Draki as Vilja

Requirements: OBSE v0021 | Blockhead (optional)

Draki is the result of an experiment started many years ago when I took the challenge to turn Emma's famous Companion Vilja into a male character. The main problem there was that Vilja is fully voiced by Emma herself and has countless dialogue lines which needed to be redubbed by a male actor, and of course I couldn't hire one for the job. But then a crazy idea crossed my mind: why not turning Vilja into a kid? Emma's voice sounds appropriate for a male child. And that's how I came up with the concept of Draki. The project has been lying on my hard drive in an unfinished state for a long time but now I'm finally ready to release it publicly.

Draki takes the place of Vilja in her adventure and is an alchemist apprentice with an immersive storyline and lots of features. He can spar with you in a friendly match or fight strenuously against a real enemy, you can decide his behaviour in battle and have full access to his inventory to customize his gear. If you give him the right ingredients he can brew potions for you, or you can ask him to lead the way and he will take you to exploration trips. He's a real chatterbox and has personal comments on most places, even if you ask him to be quiet that won't last long. A romance option can be activated in his ingame menu but don't expect more than a friendship, Draki is kid so no adult content is included. He can be found in the Bloated Float at the Imperial City Waterfront, waiting for someone willing to help him in his mission.

Draki's custom race is flagged as playable so you can play as him if you like. Please note that if you want him to look like in the pictures you'll have to reset his face in the race menu. And also keep in mind that you'll have to manually add his armor, weapons and alternate outfit to your inventory via console.

Here's a list of Draki's equipment with the corresponding console codes. Replace XX with the proper modindex. A modindex is a two-digit number which reflects the position of a mod's esp/esm in your load order. OBMM can help you identify the correct modindex.

Draki's body
XX006652 - Torso
XX006653 - Legs
XX006654 - Hands
XX006655 - Feet

Draki's clothes
XX006656 - Roaming Herbalist
XX006657 - Jade Amulet
XX006658 - Pajama
XX006659 - Underwear

Draki's armor and weapons
XX1B7D07 - Hilde's Knight Armor
XX1B7D08 - Hilde's Knight Helmet
XX1B7D09 - Shield of Nightmare
XX1F06EA - Blink Slasher
XX1F06EB - Soul Bow

Download Companion Draki as Vilja by Room207 (Mirror), unpack the archive and copy 1em_Vilja - Draki.bsa and 1em_Vilja.esp to your Oblivion data folder (copying 1em_Vilja - Draki.pdf is optional and doesn't affect the game).

N.B. This mod requires OBSE and Blockhead in order to play Draki's custom animations. The mod will still work properly without them but Draki will use vanilla animations instead.

I'd like to thank the following modders for their assets. Please give me credit and get their permission if you plan to use any parts of this mod.

Room207 -

Companion Vilja
by Emma & CDCooley
Pony Bruse by Lycanthrops

Ginko Hair04 Male

Draki's Head
Originally based on the Lop-ears Elf II mini mesh by
KKK kumakumakokuma (Tennoji Yukisuke)

Large Hoop Hanging Earring

Jade Necklace
Didius -

Princess Stabbity
Ylden -

The biggest thanks of course go to Emma for creating Vilja! So please don't forget to endorse her wonderful Companion Vilja v4.04.

New Year's Red Underwear 2.0

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It took me 8 years but I have finally decided to update my New Year's Red Underwear and make it compatible with Robert Male v5.2 Seamless. This mod adds a set of red thongs to the game and is based on a popular Italian tradition which says that if you wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve you will be showered with luck and prosperity. The thongs are made for 3 body types, Muscular, Bodybuilder and A4, and each also comes with a more revealing variant. Items can be purchased from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City's Market District.

Time Lord Staff

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The Time Lord Staff is an enchanted artifact that allows the player to summon a powerful creature from a different time and space. Said creature is none other than Ifrit from Final Fantasy XV and will appear shrouded in flames and wielding his majestic sword. The artifact has a nice animated effect and can be purchased at Rindir's Staffs in the Imperial City Market District.

This the first time I make a custom summonable creature and my scripting knowlegde is very little, so don't expect anything sophisticated. The script is very simple: upon summoning him, Ifrit will fight for you for 5 minutes using his sword and casting fireballs. His sword is unbreakable and comes with a fire damage enchantment. Ifrit's health will go down and won't refill until he gets killed, so if he takes damage his life gauge will stay the same in bewteen summons. I could easily change that in his script but I actually like it the way it is. By talking to him he will switch between wait and follow mode. I made a short video to show his fighting skills, I gave him the same stats as a summonable Xivilai, I hope he's not too overpowered...

Constantine WIP

While I'm waiting for permission to publicly release Draki from the authors of the assets included in his package, I have resumed an old project started in 2014 for another member of my crew, Constantine the Redguard. He is probably the most anticipated of my characters and I'm glad I finally have the time to work on him. I'm not completely happy with the shape of his face - so I suppose I'll have to remodel it in the Construction Set - but I'm proud of his texture, especially now that I've mended the neck seam and improved eyebrows and other small details.

I can't decide whether I should release him as a companion or as a player character. In the latter case I don't think it would take too long to finish him. Of course there would be more to do than just flagging his custom race as playable but it certainly wouldn't require months like turning him into a companion, On the other hand a companion is far more ambitious but seeing your creation moving and speaking is a lot more rewarding.

Constantine doesn't have a background story yet, I'm open to suggestions here, also because I don't know much about Redguards and their culture. So, if anybody feels like writing his story entirely and wants to submit it to me, they're more than welcome.

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