Head Replacer and Steel Armor WIP

I've been working on this for about a month now... very slowly. Like I said the mesh is derived from the default head. Why not from Head06? Well, I thought it was more challenging to attempt at getting something good out of the low-poly vanilla mesh. I have made fitting eyelashes for the new eye shape and the texture has finally eyebrows. In this picture I've put together some random faces I made on the fly. I have decided that the final texture set will also include new age maps and some of them, featuring beard, will be specifically designed for the guys (the one with the goatee and the scar is infact an age map I normally use for my character Raoul). Hopefully making good-looking men will be easier eventually...

This is my other WIP: a remodeled steel armor set for the bodybuilder body. I had planned to release it this week but I'm afraid it won't be possible: tomorrow I'm going on vacation... I did my best to finish this by today but I still miss the upper arm pieces and it's never good to rush things. I'll release it when I'm back in September... Even though this is taylored on a heavy muscled body it looks surprisingly good on ordinary characters and women - arms apart - too. The part I like the most is the legs, I think I did a good job on them!

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