A trip to the beach


A couple of weeks ago Mahtawa asked me to take screenshots of Avelyn wearing the One-Piece bathsuit by Ziitch. I uploaded the outcome of my long photosession at the beach on the gold coast over at the Nexus, proud of the results. But my expectations were let down when some people began to take a dig at Eli's swimsuit - he's in the set with Avelyn - complaining about the fact that his buns were too much exposed! Well, truthfully I can't see anything indecent in my design, it's just an ordinary pair of briefs. On the contrary Avelyn's outfit is a lot skimpier, but of course noone said a word about that. It's the same old theme... when it comes to male stuff dissing starts. It's so annoying...

Well anyway, there's a lot more to see in these screenshots than a male butt:

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