Neck Seam Concealers by Room207


I was bored so I made these simple neck seam concealers. They use Oblivion's default textures so no additional .dds files are required.

You'll have to add them yourselves to the game either in the Construction Set (e.g linking them to the amulet or tail slot) or by using NifSkope to copy/paste the necklace onto another .nif file (e.g. to the upperbody.nif in the _male folder). In order to do so open a NeckSeamConcealer.nif of choice, right-click the necklace mesh and select Block/Copy Branch from the drop-down menu; then open the destionation file, right-click the Scene Root NiNode, select Block/Paste Branch from the drop-down menu and save the file.

You may use and redistribute this mod freely, as long as you give me credit for it and include my original readme.

Ogre Armor by Fly


This is a playable version of the clothes worn by the ogres. Yuravica (alias Fly), who usually works on RAIAR HGEC stuff, has made a male version too so I thought I should give it a try. The armor can be found in the TestingHall. When I took the screenshots I noticed some clipping at the wrists and ankles so I replaced the chest and the legs with the ones I had installed. If you experience gaps as well, you can do the same thing in Nifskope by replacing the meshes with those of body shape you are using. In my case it was Robert Male v5.2 Muscular.

Albino race


Today I'm happy to introduce you a new race, born by the joint efforts of Max and Dustin Flan. Albino 666 is a male only race created by Max with the contribution of Dustin's outstanding texturing skills. It comes in two variations: Albino catatonic and Albino autopsied. While catatonic is mysterious and elegant, autopsied is beautifully disturbing. As you can see in the picture below, the latter features a dreadful autopsy scar along the chest! Albino race is actually conceived for a scrawny body type, altough I used a muscular one in my screenshot. Doesn't it just look creepy and sinister and yet beautiful?

Defeat Shrek Syndrome in Oblivion

I've always been unhappy with the appereance of the Orcs in Oblivion, they look dumbass and pathetic. The face texture is too green and even, and for some reason the head mesh is flat on the forehead and stretched out!!! The result is that the Orcs look like they're affected by sort of a Shrek Syndrome and that's really annoying for those - like me - who get irritated each time they come across the crappy face of that retarded ogre by DreamWorks!

There have been previous attempts at making the orcs better looking by usually replacing the default Orc head mesh with the human's. Cute Orc Head Replacer by Nenina, for instance, really makes the Orcs attractive and good looking. However there's a price to pay: certain facial features like the nose, the large mouth and the prominent teeth are lost.

So I decided to start my own Orc overhaul project, taking a completely different direction. Orcs in my opinion should look aggressive and intimidating. Vanilla nose and teeth are perfect for that purpose and I wanted to keep them. The rest had to be changed.

I have made a new base texture featuring wrinkles and face lines. I tried to make it less green but If I had completely changed the skin tone head and body color wouldn't have matched anymore - and we already have the neck seam problem  to deal with everyday and that's already too much of trouble - so I kept the green but made it a little bit desaturated in the middle, in order to dim that radioactive Hulk-like look that's been bothering me since  the year 2006. I have also tweaked the head mesh altering the shape of the chin first, and of the top of the head later. This is better shown in the picture below.

This is a comparison between default head and my custom head. My texture is clearly much more detailed and also the head mesh has been changed dramatically: the jaw is much more defined and the forehead is not flat anymore. This makes it compatible with custom hairstyles for humans and elves. Of course I will adapt stock Orc hair too.

These are randomly generated Orcs faces using custom hairstyles. My textures are fully compatible with Django's  Unique Features. I think the result is pretty decent. The only downside is that you can't make attractive female Orc. Well, I never thought female Orcs should be attractive anyway.

Next step is converting stock hair meshes and making better age maps. I'm very motivated and have plans for a future public release.

Juto Armor


Model and Texture: Rexil
Mod Author: Ettienne V (Xelus)

This mod adds Juto's armor from the RPG game Magna Carta 2 to Oblivion. It was made by Ettiene V using Rexil's models and textures.

The set includes both male and female version of the armor, a wig (not shown in the pictures) and a one-handed sword. A copy of the sword can be equipped in the off-hand.
While the female version supports HGEC, the male one is unfortunately vanilla-based. The only part of the skin that stays uncovered is however the left upper-arm.

The armor can be found at Weye, west of the Imperial City, in a chest placed next to the wooden fencing by the side of the road.

Lush and Gaudy Floriana Gloria


Lush and Gaudy Floriana Gloria is a high resolution (2048x2048) and colourful texture replacement for trees, tiling grass, crops, flowers, long grass and shrubs made by the succesfull Australian modder Brittainy. The care she has put into this project is impressive: every single element of vegetation (except for snowy region) has undergone an incredible makeover, making the green lush and vibrant, and turning Cyrodiil into a place full of life and color!
Those who have a low-end PC can still enjoy these beautiful textures! Infact Lush and Gaudy Floriana Gloria also comes in a medium (1024x1024) and even in a low resolution (512x512).
To make install/uninstall easier I made an OMOD for each version, inclusive of addons and optional files. After Brittainy granted me permission I uploaded the OMODs to her Tes Nexus page.

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