Juto Armor


Model and Texture: Rexil
Mod Author: Ettienne V (Xelus)

This mod adds Juto's armor from the RPG game Magna Carta 2 to Oblivion. It was made by Ettiene V using Rexil's models and textures.

The set includes both male and female version of the armor, a wig (not shown in the pictures) and a one-handed sword. A copy of the sword can be equipped in the off-hand.
While the female version supports HGEC, the male one is unfortunately vanilla-based. The only part of the skin that stays uncovered is however the left upper-arm.

The armor can be found at Weye, west of the Imperial City, in a chest placed next to the wooden fencing by the side of the road.


  1. Tim Smith said...
    Looks like a cool mod, nice job!
    max said...
    well those guys should somehow get to know about Robert's male body replacer v.5.2. XD I really dont see a reason in ignoring this mod in 2012.
    <3 your blog Peter! just gotta say. ^_^

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