Lush and Gaudy Floriana Gloria


Lush and Gaudy Floriana Gloria is a high resolution (2048x2048) and colourful texture replacement for trees, tiling grass, crops, flowers, long grass and shrubs made by the succesfull Australian modder Brittainy. The care she has put into this project is impressive: every single element of vegetation (except for snowy region) has undergone an incredible makeover, making the green lush and vibrant, and turning Cyrodiil into a place full of life and color!
Those who have a low-end PC can still enjoy these beautiful textures! Infact Lush and Gaudy Floriana Gloria also comes in a medium (1024x1024) and even in a low resolution (512x512).
To make install/uninstall easier I made an OMOD for each version, inclusive of addons and optional files. After Brittainy granted me permission I uploaded the OMODs to her Tes Nexus page.


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