Lapiz Hair Pack


Good news for all you hair lovers: Max has ported a bunch of new hairs by Lapiz Lazuli to Oblivion! 8 new male hairs are included in this pack and I'm pretty sure they can fit female characers, too. I've had the fortune to test these hairs before they were released and I can say Max did an excellent job on them. Don't they look just wonderful on my character Eli? You'll have to add them manually to your game but that's not a big deal if you're not new to modding. Download at

Room207 Femboy Body 5.2


Finally, I have updated my CrossDress body. I can't believe this has been on my to do list for a year and a half!!! I have changed its name to Femboy body because it is not just intended to be a body for crossdressing. It is rather a male body with a girly or prepubescent shape. Infact this is in my opinion the best body replacer for making perfect kids.

If you use this as a male body replacer keep in mind that all male characters in your game will be affected. By default a nude version will be installed but you can replace it with one of the two optional clothed variants in the resource folder.

If I ever decide to upload this mod to Oblivion Nexus I will make a censored version and cut the full nudity out, I don't want to get in trouble with their strict policy.

The character in the pictures is my Companion Draki WIP. He uses a x117-like head derived from my other head WIP. All this stuff is unreleased but I will surely make it available to everyone as soon as I'm satisfied with the results.
The necklace is not included and comes from my other mod Neck Seam Concealers by Room207.

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