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Adopted and brought up by a fisherman after his parents died in a shipwreck, Eli is my main character, a 20-year-old Imperial from Anvil. He's available as a custom playable race and comes with his own clothes and body.

One of the earliest screenshots of Eli I have is actually quite recent, it dates back only to 2011, in fact he was not the first character I have played. I've been wanting to release him for a while but it took me some time to refine the mod. If I get a considerable number or requests I will turn Eli into a companion.

Here's a full list of his equipment with the corresponding console codes. Replace XX with the proper modindex. A modindex is a two-digit number which reflects the position of a mod's esp/esm in your load order. OBMM can help you identify the correct modindex.

Eli's body
XX002352 - Torso
XX002353 - Legs
XX002354 - Hands
XX002355 - Feet

Fisherman’s clothes
XX002A20 - Underwear
XX002A21 - Bracelets
XX002A22 - Sandals
XX002A23 - Vest
XX002A24 - Breeches
XX002A25 - Clam Necklace

Vinisper Knife


Installation is very easy: grab Eli.esp and Eli.bsa and drop them in your Oblivion\Data folder. In the character creation menu select the ImperialEli race and reset his face. You can then customize his looks choosing among 4 hairstyles and two eye colors. The archive also contains a pdf document with his background story and some other information.

N.B. Should you ever want to change Eli's race in game, don't forget to unequip his items and cover all body parts with stock clothes or you will get a crash to desktop.

Eli uses my A4 average body but Robert Male is not strictly required. In fact he comes with his own body which can be equipped:

1) Automatically > if you use OBSE+Blockhead or OBSE+EliAutoEquipBody.esp (included);
2) Manually > if you don't use OBSE (in which case body parts will be added to his inventory).

Delete the files to uninstall the mod.

I'd like to thank the following authors for their contribution to this project. Please give me credit and get their permission if you want to use the assets from this mod.

Room207 - undersunandsky.blogspot.it

Eli's Head
Originally based on the Lop-ears Elf II mesh by
KKK kumakumakokuma (Tennoji Yukisuke) - kumakumakokuma.blog38.fc2.com

Skysims Hair 020 - thesimsresource.com/artists/Skysims/
Supernatural Hair - simsxolove.tumblr.com

Vinisper Knife
Monkide - www.nexusmods.com/games/users/678562/?

I also want to extend a very special thank you to my dear friend Quemon who supported me during the making of this mod!

Dealer Robe


As an exclusive content for the Drunken-Crafters-Inn today I'm bringing you a new mod: the Boss Dealer Robe from Asker. It comes with matching mask, tiara and earrings, and can be purchased from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market Distric. Mask and tiara are assigned to the amulet slot while the earrings are assigned to the tail slot so they can be combined together. Due to technical limitations bonus items are not conformulated and there might be clipping or gaps with head and ears depending on your characters' genetics.

Dealer Robe Preview

This is a preview picture of the Dealer Robe I'm currently working on. What was supposed to be a simple task turned into hell when I came to the rigging part. I had to strive to get it right, I was also on the point of dropping the project. Glad I'm stubborn and kept on trying until I managed to fix everything. The skinning is now far from perfect but decent enough for a public release. Here you can also see the Staff of Eden from AC - not included.

Current status: ready for public release
Items included: robe, mask, tiara and earrings
Estimated release date: thursday, September 24, 2015

Trinity Areus Gladiator Armor


This is another exclusive mod for the Drunken-Crafters-Inn: Areus' gladiator armor from the game Trinity. Tun-Zeeus at The Dividing Line in Leyawiin is selling it for a ridiculous price. This WIP has been getting dust on my hard drive for months and I can't believe it's finally released. I'm particularly satisfied with how I molded its model to make it look less blocky; I basically achieved that by only manipulating the skeleton bones. Its shape is now more sinuous and poses are more natural. Don't expect high quality models though, and there's only one texture for all armor pieces. Even so... doesn't it look good on Eli?

Allan Armor 2.0


This mod may be considered an upgrade of my previous porting of Allan's armor from Bless. This particular release includes a helmet, a new pair of gauntlets and a special instance of the armor furnished with tassets. The set is sold by Tun-Zeeus at The Dividing Line in Leyawiin. Here's a direct link to the preview picture. I've made this upgrade exclusively for the Drunken-Crafters-Inn. This mod is standalone, old files are not required.

Lightbringer dual wielding sword


This mod adds a set of dual wielded swords that can be purchased from Tun-Zeeus at The Dividing Line in Leyawiin for a very cheap price. Meshes and textures have been ported from Skyrim and modified to my liking. The offensive sword is enchanted with a basic shock damage on strike spell while the defensive sword will provide a slight boost to your health points. They also emit a nice feather particle effect. For a closer look at the preview picture click here. This is an exclusive content for the Drunken-Crafters-Inn.

A trip to the beach


A couple of weeks ago Mahtawa asked me to take screenshots of Avelyn wearing the One-Piece bathsuit by Ziitch. I uploaded the outcome of my long photosession at the beach on the gold coast over at the Nexus, proud of the results. But my expectations were let down when some people began to take a dig at Eli's swimsuit - he's in the set with Avelyn - complaining about the fact that his buns were too much exposed! Well, truthfully I can't see anything indecent in my design, it's just an ordinary pair of briefs. On the contrary Avelyn's outfit is a lot skimpier, but of course noone said a word about that. It's the same old theme... when it comes to male stuff dissing starts. It's so annoying...

Well anyway, there's a lot more to see in these screenshots than a male butt:

Allan Armor

Download | Mirror

This mod adds Bless Allan armor to Oblivion. It's a one piece armor that can be purchased from Tun-Zeeus at The Dividing Line in Leyawiin as usual. This time I'm particularly proud of the new method I used to rig the pauldrons to the skeleton, they should not clip much with the chest. Hurray!

As you can see the pauldrons follow the shoulders in a wide range of movements of the arms. I know they're supposed to be welded to the chestplate but this is better than having them clipping with the torso.

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