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Adopted and brought up by a fisherman after his parents died in a shipwreck, Eli is my main character, a 20-year-old Imperial from Anvil. He's available as a custom playable race and comes with his own clothes and body.

One of the earliest screenshots of Eli I have is actually quite recent, it dates back only to 2011, in fact he was not the first character I have played. I've been wanting to release him for a while but it took me some time to refine the mod. If I get a considerable number or requests I will turn Eli into a companion.

Here's a full list of his equipment with the corresponding console codes. Replace XX with the proper modindex. A modindex is a two-digit number which reflects the position of a mod's esp/esm in your load order. OBMM can help you identify the correct modindex.

Eli's body
XX002352 - Torso
XX002353 - Legs
XX002354 - Hands
XX002355 - Feet

Fisherman’s clothes
XX002A20 - Underwear
XX002A21 - Bracelets
XX002A22 - Sandals
XX002A23 - Vest
XX002A24 - Breeches
XX002A25 - Clam Necklace

Vinisper Knife


Installation is very easy: grab Eli.esp and Eli.bsa and drop them in your Oblivion\Data folder. In the character creation menu select the ImperialEli race and reset his face. You can then customize his looks choosing among 4 hairstyles and two eye colors. The archive also contains a pdf document with his background story and some other information.

N.B. Should you ever want to change Eli's race in game, don't forget to unequip his items and cover all body parts with stock clothes or you will get a crash to desktop.

Eli uses my A4 average body but Robert Male is not strictly required. In fact he comes with his own body which can be equipped:

1) Automatically > if you use OBSE+Blockhead or OBSE+EliAutoEquipBody.esp (included);
2) Manually > if you don't use OBSE (in which case body parts will be added to his inventory).

Delete the files to uninstall the mod.

I'd like to thank the following authors for their contribution to this project. Please give me credit and get their permission if you want to use the assets from this mod.

Room207 - undersunandsky.blogspot.it

Eli's Head
Originally based on the Lop-ears Elf II mesh by
KKK kumakumakokuma (Tennoji Yukisuke) - kumakumakokuma.blog38.fc2.com

Skysims Hair 020 - thesimsresource.com/artists/Skysims/
Supernatural Hair - simsxolove.tumblr.com

Vinisper Knife
Monkide - www.nexusmods.com/games/users/678562/?

I also want to extend a very special thank you to my dear friend Quemon who supported me during the making of this mod!


  1. naritete said...
    thank you for sharing!
    I'm DL now. :D
    Larite said...
    Wow, he is such a amazing character, thahk you for sharing him with us!
    Sylar0712 said...
    He looks great!! I'll install him if I play Oblivion again. I'm not much for GGC scripts, but between that one and CM, I'd go for the first.
    Room207 said...
    Thank you so much guys, your words are much appreciated!

    @Naritete: I've seen the character you have created with this race, he looks good!!!

    @Larite: should you install him, please let me see a picture of Eli or another character using his race.

    @Sylar: it would be great if you could come back to Oblivion. I, for some reason, can't stop mod this game.
    J MC said...
    Your works are A+mazing! And you keep modding Oblivion all these years, very impressive! But could you please tell me where he is? I couldn't find him lol
    Room207 said...
    Thank you, you're very kind! To answer your question, this is not a companion - not yet at least. This mod is just a playable race: when you create your character you can choose Eli's race and play as him. I have plans to turn Eli into a GGC companion in the future though.
    J MC said...
    Oh I see, haha! I'm so exicted! Looking forward to see him!

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