Dealer Robe


As an exclusive content for the Drunken-Crafters-Inn today I'm bringing you a new mod: the Boss Dealer Robe from Asker. It comes with matching mask, tiara and earrings, and can be purchased from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market Distric. Mask and tiara are assigned to the amulet slot while the earrings are assigned to the tail slot so they can be combined together. Due to technical limitations bonus items are not conformulated and there might be clipping or gaps with head and ears depending on your characters' genetics.


  1. name said...

    I"m DL now!
    Looks cool and good,I will have wearing your robe to Aaron.
    thanks Room-san!
    Skye said...
    Omg this is so amazing! I pretty much always play femme or androgynous characters, but if I ever get a guy going again, he will so be wearing this. It's so cool! :D
    Room207 said...
    Arigatou Nari-san! I've seen your pictures of Aaron wearing this robe, thanks a lot!

    Skye, I'm glad you like this robe, I think you can have your character wearing it even if it's a male based outfit. Neck should be replaced, though.

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