Nier 9S Outfit

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My porting of 9S' outfit from Nier is finally ready for public release. I've been working very slowly on this because, let's be honest, I hardly expect it to turn out decent considering the low quality of the source material. The miniature diffuse texture was awful and I thought there was nowhere I could go with it. Plus the outfit was so disproportionate that I couldn't figure how to get it to match Oblivion's male body shape. Nonetheless I decided to proceed and what happened next was totally unexpected. I placed the files of my WIP in the data folder for a quick in game test and... surprise! The texture didn't look so bad, in fact it looked rather good! I guess this is one of those cases where the normal map works magics.

The outfit comes in two variants, regular and skimpy, which can be purchased from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District. It will better fit characters with a slender/average body type and requires textures from Robert's Male Body Replacer V5.2 to work properly. The blindfold is a separate item that takes the tail slot.

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