OCO merged with EGO Argonians

Requirements: OBSE v0021 | Blockhead
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This mod combines Nuska's Oblivion Character Overhaul with Myst42's Argonians from his Enhanced Genetics Overhaul. Both OCO and EGO Argonians are standalone and indipendent, and assets are packed into modular BSAs. This means that OCO races and EGO Argonians can be either used together or separately. This mod comes with a stock armor and clothing replacer for Robert Male and HGEC. The bodies are assigned to the races by Blockhead so you don't need to install them. All seams (neck included) have been mended. I made this mod for myself and decided to share it as is. I can't provide support and can't take on requests to modify/update it in any ways.


  1. Download and install  the latest versions of Oblivion Script Extender and Blockhead or use the ones included in my package.
  2. Copy the following files into your Oblivion Data folder:
    • OCO.esp
    • OCO.bsa
    • OCO - BodyAssetOverrides.bsa
    • OCO - Seamless Equipment.esp
    • OCO - Seamless Equipment Knights of the Nine.esp
    • OCO - Seamless Equipment.bsa
    • OCO - Warpaint.bsa (optional)
    • OCO - Unique Face Features.bsa (optional)
    AND/OR copy the following files into your Data folder:
    • EGO Argonians.esp
    • EGO Argonians.bsa
  3. Activate the plugins (EGO Argonians.esp must load after OCO.esp).
N.B. You can replace OCO - BodyAssetOverrides.bsa and/or EGO Argonians.bsa with alternate versions with reptilian legs (check the optional folders). However, doing so may cause clipping and mismatches with the stock armor and clothing replacer between Argonian's legs and feet.
I'd like to thank the following modders for making Oblivion's characters look stunning:

OCO - Oblivion Character Overhaul v2.03
Nuska - www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/44676/?

EGO - Enhanced Genetics Overhaul Argonians
Myst42 aka ElAlquimista

Seamless Equipment
Junkacc11 - www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45855/?

SetBody Reloaded Blockhead Edition
Movomo & Kromgar aka Gerra6

Unique Face Features & Warpaint
Troll Berserker

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