Robert Male Body V5.2 OMOD

Requirements: Oblivion Mod Manager

Finally I have finished the OMOD version of Robert Male Body V5.2!

The OMOD is completely scripted which makes the installation as easy as a walk in the park. It might take a few minutes to load but it's worth the wait!

There are 14 body types to choose from:

  • Muscular - the version around all the time;
  • MuscAth - waist somewhat reduced and moved back to make it look more athletic;
  • SLAth - derived from the former Slender mesh;
  • Average - the average guy who doesn't do much manual work;
  • Belly - muscular, but likes drinking beer;
  • Boy - derived from SLSCR (in between former Slender and Scrawny), it comes in 2 variants;
  • BoyAth - more athletic;
  • Bulky - more muscles;
  • Heavy Muscular - a somewhat reduced more athletic version of the bulky mesh;
  • Scrawny - very skinny;
  • Blues - (made by LilaMue) originates from V4;
  • mMB - (made by mbass) originates from V5 Muscular;
  • BrzDefined - (made by Breeze582000) originates from V3;
  • Bodybuilder - (made by Room207) derived from an earlier version of V5 Bulky, it has even more muscles.
In addition to the the body meshes a wide selection of textures can be installed either automatically or manually. In the second case it is possible to assign to each race a different texture and/or normal map.

Head meshes and face textures are included too. There are two groups of heads to choose from. One is based on Vanilla head, the other on Head06. Each group includes several heads and comes with its own textures which here too can be installed automatically or manually.

Other addons include:
  • 3 optional EGT files that will help smooth out the body textures along the seams;
  • 1 optional EGT file which replaces all the textures associated with the facial details (e.g. eyebrows, lips, eyeshadows, skin tone) with smoother ones;
  • blank age textures that will smooth faces even more by removing wrinkles, smile lines and all the other facial details depending on the age slider.
  • Last but not least, a fitting stock clothing and armor replacer for each body type, except the bodybuilder.
This is the final release, there will be no further updates unless bugs are found or some interesting resources come out.

Iory Yagami's outfit by rzzustc


I found the link to the donwload page of this mod in a post by tamin22 on Naver.
Maybe it is not very lore fitting but I thought it would have been a shame not to drop a few lines about this beautiful outfit!

It's the perfect reproduction of the clothes worn by Iori Yagami in the King of Fighters video game series. I never played the games so I'm not familiar with the character. The design of this outfit is very nice, though.

Sanguine Rose

Even though I'm not a regular screenshooter I enjoy taking pictures of my characters from time to time.

This 13-year-old boy - yes, he's a guy - is a Breton mage apprentice, Draki. The red rose he's wielding is a rather explicit reference to Pisces Aphrodite, a fictional character from the manga and anime Saint Seiya.

I'm pretty happy with this image! I think the rose is a nice addition.
I used Photoshop and a stock photo by BreAnn.

Here's a few more pictures of him.

Lineage2 armors revamped

I converted these two armor sets to male long ago. They were originally female only.

Each set is split in the following pieces:

  • Cuirass
  • Greaves
  • Boots
  • Gauntlets
  • Pauldrons
  • Circlets
Pauldrons and circlets can be equipped either in the tail or in the amulet slot.

I've never known who the original author was so I couldn't ask him for permission to modify and redistribute this. If you happen to recognize this work as yours please contact me and I'll give you credit or I'll remove the download link.

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