This is my main Character, Eli Bosco. I've been pretty happy with his face for a long time but lately I've been feeling like he's missing something, so I have decided to change his hairstyle to something more eccentric. Now I'd love to give him some nice and unique facial feature. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Background story:

Eli is about 20 years old. He was raised by his grandfather, an old fisherman from Anvil, so he spent most of his childhood and adolescence out in the sea, at the harbor and at the fish market. Later his grandfather became ill but before he died he revealed Eli that he had an older brother called Kyle. At this point Eli left Anvil and started a journey to uncover his origins and find his brother without any clue, except knowing that Kyle has a feature called heterochromia, meaning that his eyes have different color. It is unclear whether the old man was actually Eli's grandfather or not. Eli also has a girlfriend named Lavinia who is about the same age. 

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