Fallout 3 Hair for Oblivion by Room207

Download | undersunandsky

Due to the lack of male hair I decided to convert Fallout 3 hair to Oblivion. I have never played the game but, judging by the pictures, the default hair pack was pretty good and I thought it would be a nice addition to Oblivion.

You'll need to add these hairstyles yourself to the game via Construction Set. The meshes were conformulated to the vanilla head but I'm using ThrottleKitty's Head06 in the screenshots. There might be some clipping if you use other heads.


  1. noble.knight said...
    Hi! The download needs a password... I have fallout game... how can I have this in Oblivion? =D
    Room207 said...
    Hi! If you select all the text in this post, the password will magically appear next to the padlock icon. ;)
    You don't need to have Fallout installed on your computer.
    noble.knight said...
    That's magic!

    I've just downloaded, thanks! =D

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