Glass Armor Remodeled WIP

I took a few screenshots to show my new WIP, a reworked version of the glass armor for the bodybuilder body. Many will agree with me if I say that the glass armor is one of the worst in the game. I mean, just look at it, it's ugly!!! Since I had to convert it to the bodybuilder I thought I could remodel it a bit and make it more pleasent to look at. 

The first thing I remade were the bracers. I didn't like the original ones so I used pieces from the boots. Bodybuilders are supposed to show muscles so I shed the chainmail armor. Now I'd like to add a breastplate but the pieces I have are not good for that. If I have some good idea about the chest I'll go for it, otherwise I'll leave it like this. The tasset is shorter and I added a body section from the abdomen to it. The belt is from the female version of the armor, I like it better. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with the boots, I might leave them the way they are or make them barefoot to give the armor a gladiator look... I don't know.

Oh, I almost forgot... the pictures are taken at the harbour in Leyawiin, added by the Russian mod Cyrodiil Rebuild. This mod is awesome! It expands the outskirts of the towns. Someone should translate it to English, it's simply great!


  1. max said...
    if only i could manage to get CR to work in my game i would've translated this. once i've installed this, my game jus shut down. I think a rather/ clean installation is required for this mod.
    Room207 said...
    Mmh, I have made an OMOD version of CR, may that interest you?
    max said...
    if only i ever reinstall my game anew. for now it doesnt cooperate with CR, sadly.
    max said...
    lol the captchas are so very chtonic these days

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