Remodeled Glass Armor for Bodybuilder by Room207


This is my first stock armor conversion for the bodybuilder body. Like I said in a previous post, I've always been bothered by the look of the glass armor in vanilla Oblivion, so I thought I could romodel it a bit in the attempt to make it look better. I'm very satisfied with the result, it looks cool to me! I know that many people won't agree and will complain about my choice to leave critical parts of the body (e.g. the abdomen) uncovered and thus unprotected, but I also think that bodybuilders would probably be proud to show off their six pack, ahahah!


  1. max said...
    Hi Peter, can you make an omod for the LG floriana gloria updated file? thought you might be interested in upgrading that one for yourself :3
    Room207 said...
    Hey Max, I'm sorry but my computers are broken and I won't be able to mod for a while. =(
    I will update L&G as soon as I get them fixed, please have patience!

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