Hair request from Adinio

Download | undersunandsky

This is hair 103 by Raon. After releasing CCC 1.8, I had promised myself not to convert hair from the Sims anymore. However, this hairstyle is very nice and I couldn't resist. This conversion is a gift for Adinio but I'm sharing it with everybody. All you need to do is find the password of the archive!

Orsimer Overhaul released


I have finally released my Orsimer Overhaul! It's a mod that gives a new head mesh and a detailed face texture to the Orc race.

The new head is derived from the default one but I have altered the geometry significantly: jaw and chin are wider and better defined, and more importantly the forehead is not flat anymore. The shape is now close to the human head, this means that all the hair packs made for humans and elves are now compatible with Orcs, too. Of course I have reshaped Orcs' hairs to fit the new head.
A full set of male and female age maps is included. While drawing them I tried to stay as close as possible to the original ones.
Generally I'm quite satisfied with the overall look of this mod; it is simple, though it took some time to be completed. I'm offering it as a resource so those who are interested can freely use it in their mods.

Comprehensive Cosmetic Compilation 1.8

Here's the latest revision of my personal cosmetic mod. It includes almost all hair and eyes I have collected/converted/fixed throughout the years. Since archive was huge so I had to split it in several smaller 7zip files which can be extracted separately to your Oblivion's data folder, although all of them are required for the mod to work properly.

CCC 1.8 - Eyes
CCC 1.8 - Hair Meshes 1
CCC 1.8 - Hair Meshes 2
CCC 1.8 - Hair Meshes 3
CCC 1.8 - Hair Textures
CCC 1.8 - Plugins
CCC 1.8 - Readme

Alternatively you can just grab the hairs you like and compile them yourself in you own cosmetic mod. Robert's male body replacer is required. Full chart by Skoomy.

Fallout 3 Hair for Oblivion by Room207

Download | undersunandsky

Due to the lack of male hair I decided to convert Fallout 3 hair to Oblivion. I have never played the game but, judging by the pictures, the default hair pack was pretty good and I thought it would be a nice addition to Oblivion.

You'll need to add these hairstyles yourself to the game via Construction Set. The meshes were conformulated to the vanilla head but I'm using ThrottleKitty's Head06 in the screenshots. There might be some clipping if you use other heads.

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