Hair teaser

Maxim has converted a bunch of new hairs for men from The Sims. I have had the honor to test them before they are officially released at! Editing hair is not really that hard when you know the basics but it's very time consuming because of the apha transparency issue... fixing it requires a lot of time and patience. Max has done an outstanding job on that front and he's the only one who's trying to remedy the lack of male hair packs. Thank you so much Max!!!


  1. Maxim said...
    Oh hey, I love your teaser picture! Regarding the fact that some hairs sit too high on the head - this is because I have conformulated them to fit the head06 by Robert which has a little bit different proportion ratio. So I didnt know how they would look on another type of the head. I'll try to fix some if i have time.
    Room207 said...
    Well, actually only a few of them look a bit far off, but keep in mind that I made Eli's forehead taller on purpose to show his brows better.

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