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A few weeks ago I decided to make my own version of the Summon Fairy Pixie Companion just to take a break from my daily modding routine. The idea was to make a male counterpart of Chakaru's Fairy Vivio but I ended up with creating a genderless pixie. Even tough I had thought I could do this in one day or two, it actually took me one week to properly rig my femboy body to the fairy skeleton! I kept getting horrible distortions in the neck area and I was about to give up. Lucky me I'm quite stubborn and after many relentless cycles of trials and errors I've come up to a solution I'm content with. Legs and arms may not always fold accurately and the hands are not rigged to the finger bones, but it's hardly noticeable and the neck looks pretty good now.

This fairy is smaller than the one in the original pixie mod and, being shorter and retaining the same distance from the ground, it placed itself too low compared to the NPCs. I then thought I'd better modify some animations to let it fly a bit higher, at about the same level as the player character's head. I also changed the legs position and their motion to my liking.

Chakaru has equipped her fairy with some of the rose weapons from Aion. I've always liked that weapon set so I have decided to keep it. I just changed the quiver and retextured the arrows. They look like part of the set now.

The wings are also by Chakaru and I didn't touch them. As well as the hair, which was ported by her from Final Fantasy XIII and released with the Gunslayer Legend Outfit. I tried to fix the transparency but I failed miserably... unlike ordinary hair - which can be fixed in Blender - skinned meshes seem to be always rendered as NiTriStrips by Oblivion's engine, even if you save them as NiTriShapes, and thus inherit alpha transparency issues of all sorts. I had to use a workaround for now but I will investigate the problem.

Head is from the modified FFXIII race mod. I made it bigger - like x117Head - and tweaked the neck. I also changed the UV map to get rid of some annoying seams. I could do that because this is a creature and doesn't have a TRI file with facial morphs... breaking the vertex order didn't affect the head shape in game. The neck is absolutely seamless on the mesh side but a slight texture mismatch can be seen if you zoom in too much.

The Piggy Ears (or Hobbit Ears, like Max calls them) are by Dustin of Max Heart Flan. I made them bigger and slightly altered them to match the head shape. The eye texture is the one I made for my character Raki. The original texture of the particle effect was ugly so I replaced it with a decent one. The sparkling shader can be deactivated completely in game, though.

The shadings around the crotch area will look weird depending on the lighting conditions. I couldn't smooth it out because I wanted to keep it compatible with RM private parts. An optional file with male genitals is infact included. To use it just navigate to your Oblivion\Data\Meshes\Creatures\Fairy folder and rename the file fairy02.nif to fairy01.nif. Keep a copy of the original fairy01.nif in case you want to revert the change.

Instead of the standard feet I'm using the Hobbit feet included as a resource in Robert's Male Body Replacer 5.2. I think bigger feet suit this creature better and the whole figure looks more proportionate considering that the head is bigger, too.

As a first attempt at messing with custom creatures I'm quite satisfied. I'm using a modified version of the  English esp file. I had to switch the fairy name from Pixie to Bloom in the scripted screen messages. There seems to be no major issues apart from some random CTDs. But those might be due to my game saves being all messed up. Yet, please report any bug to me. This mod is partly a replacer which means it can't be installed along with other summon fairy mods.


  1. chakaru11 said...
    Hi there, Chakaru here :D
    OMG, the little guy is soooo cute! His face is so pretty and you did an awesome job with all the edits! I remember going nuts trying to create creature-Vivio, so I have a good idea what you went through! The result is spectacular and you SO should post screenshots on the Nexus image share to get this little guy the attention he deserves! Curses to my broken game, I downloaded him for savekeeping until it works again, I cant wait :D
    Room207 said...
    Thank you Chakaru! You gave me inspiration for this! It wasn't easy to make the body work with the fairy skeleton, you know that very well... also thank you for promoting this on the Nexus. Sadly people over there don't like my stuff and I'm afraid to post pictures of Bloom in the image share area because of their nudity police, even though this is not actually nude...
    Anyee said...
    Woah @, @
    This is outstanding. Really. Custom creatures are probably the most rare kind of mods so any new creature are great. And Bloom is even more than great because of his awesomeness!

    I really love the way he look. Especially his lack of gender. It remainds me the fairies from "Pan's Labirynth" (awesome movie) which look pretty genderless too and it gives the faires more mystical origin, so they are not just small and winged humans but something more. And you really great mixed all those mods together. This head, hair and ears match very well and bigger feet was great idea too.
    Also + for editing the animations. The original flying pose was quite unrealistic and over-feminine. Your one look much more natural.
    The only thing I would change is the colour of wings. Not because I do not like pink, but azure would match the weapons better and give more mystic feel.

    Thank you very much Room (and lady Chakaru too, of course) for this little fellow. I'm sure he will be great companion.
    Keep up great work, don't be discouraged and best wishes ;)
    Room207 said...
    Anyee-san, thank you so much! I'm glad you like my version of the fairy companion! Wings are by Chakaru like many of the resources used here. I didn't feel like I wanted to change their color because I like the way they look. But maybe you're right, blue would match the rose weapon set better. I can add an optional download with blue textures if you like. Editing the animations wasn't hard, it took longer remembering how to do that in Blender than actually doing it. My game occasionally crashes when I summon this fairy depending on the game save I'm loading. I can't understand why. I'm wondering if other people are experiencing the same issue so if it happens to you too please let me know.

    Pan's Labyrinth is a great movie! Sad but great. If I had time I'd gladly watch it again.

    Anyway, I wanted to contact you privately and send you a beta of my new headmesh, since it's taking forever to release my companions, and you showed interest in it. The problem is I don't have any info about you... can you send a pm to my e-mail address? You can use the contact button on top of the page. Or, if it's ok for you, just type yours here. ;)
    Anonymous said...
    So well done, and I have not ran into any technical or visual issues.

    I'm currently using Bloom as one of my followers in my new playthrough. The little one seems to be working well as a mysterious ally, although he tends to wander a bit sometimes and lag behind me and my other two companions. I simply attribute that to his chaotic Faerie nature and just allow Bloom to be Bloom. He's my wildcard.

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