Berserker armor for my Bodybuilder Body

Requirements: Berserker Armor V0.6 by Skeleton K
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Today I have converted the Berserker armor to the Bodybuilder Body. It was a request by my friend Taepal77 and I thought it would be nice to share it with everybody. This is not a standalone replacer, you need to download and install the original mod by Skeleton K first, then patch it with my files. If you like it, please endorse his mod at Oblivion Nexus, even though he hasn't been active for years.

Prince of Persia 2008 Outfit

Download | Mirror

This mod adds to Oblivion a set of ragged clothes and the sword of the prince from the game Prince of Persia 2008. It is based on Robert's heavy muscular body V5.2 so the textures from that mod are required. Since the armor takes all body slots this will work with any other Robert's male body replacer you may be using.
This has been on my "things to do" list for more than 2 years. It was pretty hard to finish this porting since the original skeleton was a lot different than Oblivion's. Limbs in particular were incredibly long and it took me a lot of time and effort to figure out a way to align gloves and claws to Robert's hands correctly.

The cowl is a separate nif and it is properly rigged and conformulated. Depending on the head mesh you're using clipping might occur... I haven't had the time to test it with other heads. The necklace is Kat's pendant from DMC, it works as a neck seam concealer when the cowl is not equipped.
Upon Chakaru's suggestion I have embellished the belt with some props ripped off Gabriel's model from Castelvania.

I don't like to have files scattered in my Oblivion installation folder so I've packed everything in a BSA archive. Place the files into your data folder, activate the esp and enjoy!!!
Items can be found in Bravil, in a chest placed right at the back of the Lonely Suitor Lodge.

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