Berserker armor for my Bodybuilder Body

Requirements: Berserker Armor V0.6 by Skeleton K
Download | Mirror

Today I have converted the Berserker armor to the Bodybuilder Body. It was a request by my friend Taepal77 and I thought it would be nice to share it with everybody. This is not a standalone replacer, you need to download and install the original mod by Skeleton K first, then patch it with my files. If you like it, please endorse his mod at Oblivion Nexus, even though he hasn't been active for years.


  1. Iz said...
    Some Berserk model Oblivion ports here if you or your friend wanted :^)!9Vo2iICC!ai7IyiWrCMv3da8QsX5iDErlrmJkEfhb0RJi5odcKsw
    Room207 said...
    Hey, thanks for the link!!! I have most of them but it's nice to have everything together in one download.

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