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Aaron is my first attempt at making a companion based on the GGC script. I started working on this project countless months ago and it was initially meant to be something rather small, a quick conversion of one of my characters to a simple follower. But while I was trying to figure out how to effectively import his face from my game save, I got intrigued by the awesomeness of the GGC script and its potential, so I started to fiddle around until the project became bigger and bigger.

A first concept of Aaron dates back to the late 2010. As you can see he has undergone major changes throughout the years. He is now a handsome Nord and an efficient fighter. The head model he uses is a complete rework of the lop-ear elves'. I have made my own head using it as a base and I have also replaced the eye morph in the tri file. The great thing about this head is that it shares the same UV template with the default one, but the poly count is higher. I have added the tear caruncles to the eyes. They're a separate piece from the head and are attached to the ears. Aaron uses Robert's heavy muscular body.

Aaron is the same level as the player but I'm afraid he's a little overpowered. You can find him camping right outside Bruma; his exact location is shown on the map and there's a quest to track him down in case he gets lost. The first time you talk to him you can recruit him and have him fight alongside with you. You are asked to choose is class among 5 major categories: melee, ranged, range/melee combo, spellcaster, assassin. Each one comprises up to 4 subclasses.  However, you can change his fighting style anytime during the game. Aaron mount is a black armored horse named Orion.

Aaron comes with his own skeleton and animations, stored in a different folders than the player's and other NPCs'. I compiled animations from several authors but I made the basic idle - when he stands still - by myself.

Unlike Vilja or Fergus, Aaron doesn't have many lines of dialogue but he's fully voiced. His voice is the result of a long and tedious work of mashup of the stock Redguard voice. Of course I had to slightly modify the pitch to make it sound more appropriate. No wonder it took so long to release this mod, next time I'd better buy a good audio card and a microphone and do the voice-over myself.

To access Aaron's inventory and change his equipment open his private bag. The public bag, instead, is for storing items you want him to carry for you. Depending on his class Aaron's gear will vary. So you cannot get all of his items in one play unless you use the console.
All of his weapons are enchanted and most have a nice particle effect. Since I had the feeling Aaron was too powerful, I decided not to add any enchantment to the Ves armor he wears in battle. The color of the armor also depends on the class. His casual clothes are instead a mashup of Vaas' clothes from Far Cry and Bethany's armor from Dragon Age plus a few other pieces.

Here's a full list of his equipment with the corresponding console codes. Replace XX with the proper modindex. A modindex is a two-digit number which reflects the position of a mod's esp/esm in your load order. OBMM can help you identify the correct modindex.

Aaron's body
XX002352 - Torso
XX002353 - Legs
XX002354 - Hands
XX002355 - Feet

Aaron's underwear

Vaas and Bethany’s clothes

Ves Blue Stripes Elite
XX003EC0 - Blue
XX003EC1 - Black
XX003EC2 - Black/Blue
XX003EC3 - Black/Red
XX003EC4 - Redanian
XX003EC5 - White
XX003EC6 - White/Gold
XX003EC7 - Lavander/Green

Heaven's Gate Shield

Faleria Heart Claymore

Frostblade Axe

Bluesteel Sword

Cold Blooded Sta ff

Kano's Butter y Dagger

Frostweave Greatsword

Crystal Dragon Gold Bow

Crystal Dragon Silver Bow

Installation couldn't be easier: just grab Aaron.esp and Aaron.bsa and drop them in your Oblivion\Data folder. Delete the files to uninstall the mod.
The archive also contains a pdf document, a little bonus I made for fun.

I didn't have much time for testing the mod thoroughly but I really hope it's bug free. If he can't use the bow please move to another cell and the problem should be fixed. And remember: if you take screenshots of Aaron, I'd love to see them.

This mod wouldn't exist without the contribution of the following authors. You can use my assets
freely - just mention me in the credits please - but remember to get permission from them fi rst, if you
want to use their content.

Room207 -

GGCJE Script
Deepfreeze, vlv, Miyaoka

Night Springs Hair
Max -
Lapiz Lazuli -

Eli's Head
Originally based on the Lop-ears Elf II mesh by
KKK kumakumakokuma (Tennoji Yukisuke) -

LAPF Skeleton and Combat Motions
Gregathit, Beni, tbsk, Resona, ElAlquimista -

Ves Armor
Mondstein, Shayaryn, Darigaz -

Black Tera Horse
Chakaru -

Dragon Pendant
Severinka -

Butterf lies
Lemonleafs -


  1. Maxim said...
    Congrats on the release of Aaron! He's so lovely and unique. I'll check out him as soon as I finish the job on our upcoming mods (including GGC companions as well lol). How was Gill's testing btw?
    TheNathanParable said...
    Argh, stuff like this really makes me want to play Oblivion, but I have so many problems getting it to run reliably that i've given up for now. :/

    Also, Aaron reminds me of Malik from Tales of Graces, which makes this even better.
    Anonymous said...
    Yes! Thank you for releasing this awesome mod. Love his tattoos and armor.
    Room207 said...
    @Max: Thank you Max, I'm glad you like Aaron, it took a long time to finish this mod but it was worth it. I have tested Gill but I had no time to give you my feedback. He's cute, looks very young. His outfit is very nice and reminds of Lum from Urusei Yatsura. I have found no bug, the dialogues work well. Have you scheduled a release date?

    @TheNathanParable: Wow! I didn't know this Malik character! The similarity is shoking, they really look alike!!! Hope you manage to run Oblivion smoothly. I'd love to see Aaron in your game. ;)

    @Anonymous: thanks a lot for downloading this. His arm tattoo gave me a lot trouble, I couldn't find any good resource for it but I think the result is pretty decent.
    Larite said...
    He looks wonderful! Very interesting and unique guy, I like him very much :) Thank you for sharing Aaron with us!
    Maxim said...
    Hey Peter I have added a normal armor to GGC Gill, from AlienSlof, instead of the skimpy outfit. I didnt really like that he was hanging around the winterish bruma being dressed like that, every look at this made my balls shrink lol. Anyway, i'm really sorry but maybe you would better take a look at the newer version of my mod? :{)
    Room207 said...
    Hey Max, I'm writing my feedback on Gill right now. I'll check the new version as well. His old outfit was infact too skimpy for Bruma's weather. Not that I didn't like it...
    Aidan Theirin said...
    Howdy, awesome mod i love it ;) i would love to import face on companion so which program do you use? if you can give me some tricks it ll be nice. Thanks. Aidan.
    Room207 said...
    There's a specific procedure to import a PC face onto any NPC, and it will stay 100% faithful to the original. You'll need to use Wrye Bash and TES4Edit. With Wrye Bash, import your face from a savegame into a new mod. Now open the new mod and you companion esp with TES4Edit. Expand the trees in the new mod and look for the npc with your face previously created by Wrye Bash, the name should be "sg"something. Among the FaceGenData look for the FGGS string and copy the values on the right. Paste them exactly as they are in the FGGS string of your companion in your companion mod. You don't need to copy the FGGA string values. They'd better be a series of 0 so the face will be perfectly symmetic. The FGTS string, instead, controls the skin tone. If this is set to a series of 0 your character's skin will be very close to the skin texture itself.
    I'm a disaster at explaining things... hope this is understandable...
    Aidan Theirin said...
    Thank you so much i ll try to do that ;) i ll let you know for sure.
    Veritas said...
    Aaron loses his horse if we fast travel to a marker inside of a city without him dismounting outside of a first. Can anything be done about it?

    By losing his horse I mean that it disappears and the next time I use a horse, he walks.
    Room207 said...
    That's normal, don't worry. You will find Orion - that's the name of Aaron's horse - in the stables outside the last town you visited.

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