Aaron's pose patch

http://www.4shared.com/archive/C5X8Y_lWce/Aaron_-_Pose_Patch.html Download | Mirror

Unlike the player and other NPCs, Aaron's animations are stored in a separate folder which makes him incompatible with pose packs. This patch changes Aaron's skeleton back to vanilla so he can use custom poses for screenshooting purposes.


  1. Rose Kinder said...
    Dearest thanks! I truly think Aaron is such a lovely straight companion. I just have to say I love everything about him. Looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous master pieces!

    -BouffonImplacable/Rose Kinder
    Room207 said...
    Thank you, dear! I haven't had many feedbacks on Aaron so your comment is very much appreciated. Nobody noticed the animated butterflies on his knife or the floating strings hanging from the belt of his casual clothes (it wasn't hard to animate them but it was my first time doing that). So thanks a lot, I hope I can release my other companions in the future.

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