Companion Cat Shazzan

Requirements: OBSE v0021
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Shazzan is a cat companion that can be found in the Arch-Mage's Lobby at the Arcane University. He is complete of facial morphs and comes with a full set of sounds (purr and bell's ringing included). Talk to him to open his command menu. There you can ask him to follow you, wait, eat his food or play, and you can even pick him up and place him elsewhere. In addition there's the option to ride him like a mount. The first time you talk to him you will get his summon spell.

Sometimes you will read the sentence "Shazzan has found something" in his menu, click the "Show me" button and you will get a random item. If you want to feed your pet, just drop some cat-edible food on the floor and ask him if he's hungry, he will walk up to it and eat it. When you play with him you can grab and throw his yarn ball with the Z key and he will chase it.

The ride command will allow you to ride your pet like a mount. When you do, the player character will become tiny - which is cute and funny at the same time - I like to think it's a magic applied by the cat himself to his guardian in order to adapt their scale to his own size. The ride command might not be displayed at first since the script takes up to a few minutes to perform a check on the OBSE version you have (at least v0015 is required) and to load some files. Once everything is loaded the option will appear.

Shazzan doesn't have notable fighting skills, in fact he won't directly attack the enemy. However he will be very helpful in combat thanks to his ability to buff the player with powerful support spells.

If you sneak Shazzan will sneak too and become invisible - unless the invisibility option is turned off in his configuration settings. He carries a light spell that can be turned off as well. To access his configuration menu cast the cat summon spell while you're sneaking.

Even though here I refer to Shazzan as a male I have intentionally avoided gender-specif pronouns in the mod in case you prefer it to be a female cat. The name Shazzan comes from a show produced by Hanna-Barbera in the late 60s. It's a rather neutral name but if you want you can change it in the Construction Set or with TES4Edit.

This mod is standalone and includes the following assets:
- Cat model from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
- Scripts from Tona's Cats ver0.3 translated to English
- Sounds from HISSSSA's HS Cat Resource 0.3
- Animations from mrcat's CatRide
- Special thanks to Chakaru11 for beta testing and feedback.

Iblis Armor

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This is a female only armor I ported from Bless as a Christmas present for Sinner201. Now that some time has passed I'm finally releasing it to the public with his consent. You can buy it from Tun-Zeeus at The Dividing Line in Leyawiin.

Images in the page are a courtesy of Sinner201. Here's another full body picture.

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