Make up and hair

I have decided to write a small update about my current WIP. As you may already know I've been working on a vanilla races makeover for several months now. After releasing my Orsimer Overhaul I thought I should give my contribution to humans and elves, too. I wanted to make a better head mesh and textures. I started with remodeling the default head, then I accidentally found out that the head coming with the Lop Ears Elf II was actually a high poly version of the vanilla's and it used the same UV map! So I dropped the low poly mesh and used the Lop Ears Head in my mod... of course I had to completely reshape it. I made a new set of textures and age maps and I also created blank npcs faces in order to prevent npcs to use the bad quality face textures stored in the bsa archive. Now I'm making additional age maps for the girls which  add make up to their faces. They seem to work pretty good, but I can't tell how decent they are, I don't know anything about make up!

In the meantime I had the chance to test a whole bunch of new male hairs from the sims converted by Max. These hairs will make a great addition to the game! I can show you a sample of four styles.


  1. Maxim said...
    Ahh my dear, i'm enjouing your new post so much! the last three hairs on your picture were converted from Skyrim, these are the hairs by Geonox.
    but the girlie's make up is truly glorious! seems like you've mixed here those trendy coloured smokeys together with printemps precieux de chanel haha :D
    Maxim said...
    *enjoying haha
    Aegis Alexander said...
    I'd love to see a different makeover of the races for oblivion. Your WIP seems great so far!

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