Devs Dark Brotherhood Armor Replacer


Dlesang has recently made a replacer for the Shrouded Armor which has never been exactly one of my favorites. I like his version a lot more, it is very well done. There is just some rigging problems with the spikes which will come off the arms, for instance, with certain poses. But that's not particularly annoying and besides that this armor looks great! I thought I'd take some screenshots and show them here.

If you want to add the Dark Brotherhood armor straight to your inventory use the following console codes:

  • Player.AddItem 000347F7 1 (Shrouded Armor)
  • Player.AddItem 000347F4 1 (Shrouded Hood)


  1. Swetlana Solomatina said...
    Really nice replacer, much more beautiful and interesting, than original one. Thank you! :)
    Room207 said...
    Thank you! I didn't make this one, though. Author's name is Dlesang.

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