Faraam Armor

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This mod adds the Faraam set from Dark Souls to Oblivion. It's made of two pieces: a full body armor and a separate helm. The quality is not as good as the Hunthor and there might be some clipping but the original mesh was not very good either and generally Dark Souls armors have odd proportions. The result is quite decent though so I decided to share.

Just like the Hunthor, this heavy armor too can be purchased from Tun-Zeeus at The Dividing Line in Leyawiin. The pictures have been taken in the Talos Garden Palace, a "baroquesque" room stuffed with antiques, located on top of the Tiber Septim Hotel in Talos Plaza.


  1. Anonymous said...
    YESSSS, alll the male armors *hoards* Thank you so much!

    noble.knight said...
    I saw this armor on a picture another day and I was wondering where it's from. Now it's going to be part of my private collection. >=D Thanks a lot!
    Room207 said...
    Chakaru, Noble Knight, thanks a lot! I'm glad you like this porting. Hopefully I'll bring new stuff to you soon.

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