Daren Armor and Sword

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This mod adds Daren's armor and sword from Bless to Oblivion. The sword is a two-handed weapon. Depending on the pose, the single pauldron may be clipping with the chest straps but it shouldn't be very annoying. Once again the set can be purchased from Tun-Zeeus at The Dividing Line in Leyawiin.


  1. Anonymous said...
    what the hell. I could have SWORN I posted here? Where did it go XD

    Anyways, I remember this armor well from when we browsed deviantart together XD It is awesoe that you finally release it ;D Sexy male armor is sexy *_*

    Giiiiive to the chakaruuuuu
    Room207 said...
    Ah yes, this armor has been on the list for months. I had the others over at TESA chat vote for my next porting and they chose this one. I wasn't very happy since it's not a closed one-piece armor, I knew I had to struggle in order to adapt it to the body underneath. But well, it's done now and you guys can finally enjoy it. ;)

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