Daren Armor 2.0

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Darigaz aka Mr. Awesomeness made a wonderful add-on for my porting of Daren's armor. You can grab it from his blog but you'll have to add it to the game by yourselves... OR... you can use this esp and replace the original one.


  1. Sylar0712 said...
    Both armors look amazing!
    It's hard to choose. I'd rather have both in my game. By the way, will that guy who created a female version of your hunthor armor ever release it? Just curious.
    ´Darigaz17 said...
    This is the guy that made a female version of the Hunthor, it will eventually be released, I have a few small projects with higher priority at the moment.
    Sylar0712 said...
    Thanks for the answer!
    Take your time! It's cool to know that it might be released. When doesn't matter.
    Room207 said...
    Looks like my intervention is not required here... thank you Sylar and thank you Darigaz!

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