Leon's Pirate Costume

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Here's my first mod entirely made in 2016: Leon Scott Kennedy's pirate costume - because, if you don't know, I'm a huge a fan of the Resident Evil series (that I like to call Biohazard). The coat comes in two colors, blue and red, and the hat is optional.

I tried to animate the crow on the shoulder, it's subtle but it slowly moves the head sidewards. The sword is a prop and can't be wielded but it looks nice. Items can be purchased from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District.


  1. Quemon said...
    Sexy armor! Can't wait to try it on Eli! :)
    Room207 said...
    Thank you my friend! No need to say I'd love to see a screenshot from you. ;)
    Larite said...
    A marvellous costume as always! Thank you for what you do for Oblivion male characters :)
    Room207 said...
    Thank you Larite! When most people despise me for making male stuff, comments like yours make me feel better and give me the strength to keep modding.

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