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It's a common opinion that Oblivion is quite poor in terms of voice acting, and since finding decent actors willing to lend their voice for free would be harder than pulling a rabbit out of a hat I decided to spend the last four days ripping sound files from Tera. Other than character soundsets, the collection I've put together includes all other audio clips from the game such as sound effects, background music, ambient sounds, etc. The English pack also includes voice overs in German and French while Japanese and Korean come as separate downloads as well as the other packages:

Download Tera Music Pack
Download Tera English Voice Pack
Download Tera Japanese Voice Pack
Download Tera Korean Voice Pack
Download Tera Creature Sound Pack
Download Tera SoundFX Pack

All files are Oblivion ready, according to the following standard settings:

NPC Voices
File Format: LAME-encoded MP3
Frequency: 44100 Hz
Sample Size: 32-bit float
Bit Rate: 64 kbps cbr (constant bit rate)
Channels: Mono

BG Music
File Format: LAME-encoded MP3
Frequency: 44100 Hz
Sample Size: 32-bit float
Bit Rate: 192 kbps cbr (constant bit rate)
Channels: Joint Stereo

Sound Effects
File Format: PCM-encoded WAV
Frequency: 44100 or 22050 Hz
Sample Size: 16-bit float
Bit Rate: 256, 352, 705 or 1411 kbps cbr (constant bit rate)
Channels: Mono

In some cases original .ogg files are included too.

I want to point out that this is not a functional mod, here I'm simply sharing a resource. If you don't have any modding skill and want to give voice to your characters and companions I would recommend My Voice Extender by Maskar used in combination with this. You can of course use these soundsets in Skyrim and other games, just be aware that you'll have to convert them to the proper formats. And please do not reupload.


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