Old Dragonslayer Armor

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Today's release will make all Dark Souls fans happy. I'm talking of course of Ornstein's Dragonslayer Armor, an armor many people wanted to put their hands on (after spotting it in some rare screenshots) which had already been ported to Oblivion some time ago but never publicly shared. I myself went through the porting process of this wonderful piece of artwork twice, at first as a private request and now for everybody. This time I have decided to include the Old Dragonslayer armor set too. Both versions can be purchased from Tun-Zeeus at The Dividing Line in Leyawiin. Many thanks go to Bastet Goauld for supporting me during the creation of this mod.


  1. Anonymous said...
    what is this race?
    and hairstyle?
    Room207 said...
    The one with horns? It's an unreleased race of mine for a vampire companion I'm working on, it has reptilian legs. I can't recall the name of the hair, I ported it myself. Anyway, I'll make both hair and race available as soon as the companion is ready for a public release.
    Anonymous said...
    Just a superb hairstyle with horns.
    Probably would.
    I look forward to!
    Sztermel said...
    Could you someday make a tutorial on how to port assets from different games to Oblivion?
    You're almighty with all the work you do to this game man
    Room207 said...
    Thank you Sztermel! There's already a good tutorial by Myst42 that might come in handy, I'd recommend you to check it out. ;)

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