Gold-Hemmed Black Set

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The Gold-Hemmed Black Set is a robe ported from Dark Souls. It comes in four pieces - hood, cloak, gloves and skirt - and can be worn both by men and women. Since this robe is basically made of rags that overlap and intertwine I may have failed at skinning it properly; nonetheless it should fold nicely most of the time. The set can be purchased from Tun-Zeeus at The Dividing Line in Leyawiin. I'd like to thank Bastet Goauld for her support during the creation of this mod and I hope all Dark Souls fans out there will enjoy it.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I am in awe of your work, especially the races.
    Please tell me you'll lay out a new race which you can see in the screenshots, with the horns?
    Room207 said...
    Hi, I'm still working on that race but yes, I'll definitely make it available for everyone as soon as it's finished. ;)

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