The Witcher III Containers

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This is a collection of containers ported from The Witcher 3 consisting of 11 different chests and boxes. I'm sharing it as a modder's resource so this is not a functional mod. However I have included an example esp file which adds the whole set to a dummy cell accessible via console, just type the 'coc WitcherContainers" command and you'll be teleported there. The download contains two folders: one version has the files packed in a BSA archive, the other one has loose files, you can use either one in your mods as long as you give me credits.


  1. Anonymous said...
    This will certainly come in handy, thanks as always ^^/
    Room207 said...
    Thank you! ^__^
    Skye said...
    This may seem like an odd question, but what textures are you using for your basement sections? It's lovely, and I would like to download it. And, of course, the chests are so cool.
    Room207 said...
    Thank you! Those textures come from KatKat's mod here.

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