Constantine WIP

While I'm waiting for permission to publicly release Draki from the authors of the assets included in his package, I have resumed an old project started in 2014 for another member of my crew, Constantine the Redguard. He is probably the most anticipated of my characters and I'm glad I finally have the time to work on him. I'm not completely happy with the shape of his face - so I suppose I'll have to remodel it in the Construction Set - but I'm proud of his texture, especially now that I've mended the neck seam and improved eyebrows and other small details.

I can't decide whether I should release him as a companion or as a player character. In the latter case I don't think it would take too long to finish him. Of course there would be more to do than just flagging his custom race as playable but it certainly wouldn't require months like turning him into a companion, On the other hand a companion is far more ambitious but seeing your creation moving and speaking is a lot more rewarding.

Constantine doesn't have a background story yet, I'm open to suggestions here, also because I don't know much about Redguards and their culture. So, if anybody feels like writing his story entirely and wants to submit it to me, they're more than welcome.


  1. alva_the_wanderer said...
    He is gorgeous. I personally like his face very much as is, but it'll still be interesting to see where else you can go with his design.

    I may sound particularly greedy, but I vote for both custom race and a companion. =D I would love to see him in my game, make some screenies and kick some butts in his fine company. But at any rate, the decision is yours. I'll be anticipating the release meanwhile. Keep up the good work!)
    Room207 said...
    Alright, I'll see what I can do to let everyone have their piece of cake. ^_^
    ThuggishSplicer said...
    He's really dreamy!
    I must admit I decided to drop by just to check out whether HE is available.

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