Time Lord Staff

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The Time Lord Staff is an enchanted artifact that allows the player to summon a powerful creature from a different time and space. Said creature is none other than Ifrit from Final Fantasy XV and will appear shrouded in flames and wielding his majestic sword. The artifact has a nice animated effect and can be purchased at Rindir's Staffs in the Imperial City Market District.

This the first time I make a custom summonable creature and my scripting knowlegde is very little, so don't expect anything sophisticated. The script is very simple: upon summoning him, Ifrit will fight for you for 5 minutes using his sword and casting fireballs. His sword is unbreakable and comes with a fire damage enchantment. Ifrit's health will go down and won't refill until he gets killed, so if he takes damage his life gauge will stay the same in bewteen summons. I could easily change that in his script but I actually like it the way it is. By talking to him he will switch between wait and follow mode. I made a short video to show his fighting skills, I gave him the same stats as a summonable Xivilai, I hope he's not too overpowered...


  1. chakaru11 said...
    THERE HE ISSSSSSSSSSSSSS AWESOME :D I cant test him yet since I am at work still (shhhh) but man, that is some great work :D

    Room207 said...
    Thank you Chaka! I can't believe Ifrit turned out so good and it's all thanks to your stubborness if he has a fire shader. Without your support I would have let laziness win.
    Katorinchen said...
    That’s perfect! So many thanks for sharing this with us!
    Room207 said...
    Thanks a lot Katorinchen! ^_^

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