Constantine WIP

While I'm waiting for permission to publicly release Draki from the authors of the assets included in his package, I have resumed an old project started in 2014 for another member of my crew, Constantine the Redguard. He is probably the most anticipated of my characters and I'm glad I finally have the time to work on him. I'm not completely happy with the shape of his face - so I suppose I'll have to remodel it in the Construction Set - but I'm proud of his texture, especially now that I've mended the neck seam and improved eyebrows and other small details.

I can't decide whether I should release him as a companion or as a player character. In the latter case I don't think it would take too long to finish him. Of course there would be more to do than just flagging his custom race as playable but it certainly wouldn't require months like turning him into a companion, On the other hand a companion is far more ambitious but seeing your creation moving and speaking is a lot more rewarding.

Constantine doesn't have a background story yet, I'm open to suggestions here, also because I don't know much about Redguards and their culture. So, if anybody feels like writing his story entirely and wants to submit it to me, they're more than welcome.

Room207 Femboy Body 5.2 Seamless

Download Download | Mirror

I had to update my Femboy Body for Draki, the companion that I plan to release next. This body now has a seamless neck, two pairs of underwear and a set of seamless body and face textures compatible with OCO and other vanilla based heads. The swimsuits shown in the pictures are part of Draki's belongings and are not included.

Vindictus Milled Outfit

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It's been a while since I last ported something to Oblivion from another game and I felt a little rusty when it came to use Blender. I decided to convert something easy in order to get used to the whole process again. This is Milo's outfit from Vindictus, it's very simple and neat and I'm happy with how it turned out, in fact limbs fold quite nicely with very minimal clipping. It can be purchased from Palonirya at the Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market District. This outfit was made with a slender body type from Robert's Male Body Replacer V5.2 in mind, so I think it will better suit Elves and more generally characters with a build in between scrawny and average.

OCO merged with EGO Argonians

Requirements: OBSE v0021 | Blockhead
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This mod combines Nuska's Oblivion Character Overhaul with Myst42's Argonians from his Enhanced Genetics Overhaul. Both OCO and EGO Argonians are standalone and indipendent, and assets are packed into modular BSAs. This means that OCO races and EGO Argonians can be either used together or separately. This mod comes with a stock armor and clothing replacer for Robert Male and HGEC. The bodies are assigned to the races by Blockhead so you don't need to install them. All seams (neck included) have been mended. I made this mod for myself and decided to share it as is. I can't provide support and can't take on requests to modify/update it in any ways.


  1. Download and install  the latest versions of Oblivion Script Extender and Blockhead or use the ones included in my package.
  2. Copy the following files into your Oblivion Data folder:
    • OCO.esp
    • OCO.bsa
    • OCO - BodyAssetOverrides.bsa
    • OCO - Seamless Equipment.esp
    • OCO - Seamless Equipment Knights of the Nine.esp
    • OCO - Seamless Equipment.bsa
    • OCO - Warpaint.bsa (optional)
    • OCO - Unique Face Features.bsa (optional)
    AND/OR copy the following files into your Data folder:
    • EGO Argonians.esp
    • EGO Argonians.bsa
  3. Activate the plugins (EGO Argonians.esp must load after OCO.esp).
N.B. You can replace OCO - BodyAssetOverrides.bsa and/or EGO Argonians.bsa with alternate versions with reptilian legs (check the optional folders). However, doing so may cause clipping and mismatches with the stock armor and clothing replacer between Argonian's legs and feet.
I'd like to thank the following modders for making Oblivion's characters look stunning:

OCO - Oblivion Character Overhaul v2.03
Nuska -

EGO - Enhanced Genetics Overhaul Argonians
Myst42 aka ElAlquimista

Seamless Equipment
Junkacc11 -

SetBody Reloaded Blockhead Edition
Movomo & Kromgar aka Gerra6

Unique Face Features & Warpaint
Troll Berserker

Summon Vampire Marek

Requirements: OBSE v0021 | Blockhead (optional)
Download Download | Mirror

Marek is a summonable vampire companion based on Kiki's Summon Vampire v2.01b. His summon spell can be obtained by reading the creepy grimoire found in the basement of Seridur's House, in the Imperial City's Temple District. When you first try to read the book a mini event will start and you will be asked to spill a few drops of your blood on it; don't burn the book as you won't have a second chance to get the spell. The grimoire is Marek's in-game manual so don't forget to pick it up.

Marek can fight using 6 different styles or classes: warrior, hunter, mage, thief, healer and martial artist. All fighting styles have their own separate inventory and separate equipment and you can customize armor and weapons of each single class indipendently. Each fighting style also has its own special abilities and you can bind a key on your keyboard to manually activate them; please refer to Marek's in-game manual or talk to him to learn how to properly set and use the action button; the action button can also be used to toggle between the stay and follow commands. You can check his status via dialogue anytime.

Marek has many useful skills. More specifically he can:

  • automatically repair his broken equipment if you place a repair hammer in the same inventory where the broken piece of equipment is;
  • automatically recharge an enchanted item if you place a Welkynd Stone in the same inventory where the item to be recharged is;
  • share food, drinks and repair hammers with you as long as he has enough items in stock (his supplies will be replenished gradually);
  • turn precious stones and ores that you trade with him into soul gems;
  • see in the dark (night vision);
  • carry a torch in the dark for you;
  • carry a black crystal during the day to protect himself from the sunlight;
  • create a magic sack that will reduce your encumbrance with the nirnroots that you trade with him;
  • shift his moral alignment from good to evil and viceversa (the change will affect his strength in battle but people might become hostile);
  • disperse the red mist that surrounds him;
  • transform you into a vampire and feed you with blood.

Marek's custom race is flagged as playable so you can roleplay him if you like. Please note that if you want him to look like in the pictures you'll have to reset his face in the race menu. And also keep in mind that, Blockhead installed or not, you'll have to manually add his armor, weapons, alternate outfit and demon's body parts to your inventory via console.

Here's a list of Marek's belongings with the corresponding console codes. Replace XX with the proper modindex. A modindex is a two-digit number which reflects the position of a mod's esp/esm in your load order. OBMM can help you identify the correct modindex.

Marek's armor & clothes
XX000EDF - Nexon Armor
XX002350 - Ophiuchus Amulet
XX002351 - Ophiuchus

Marek's body
XX002352 - Torso
XX002353 - Legs
XX002354 - Hands
XX002355 - Feet
XX002356 - Demon Legs
XX002357 - Demon Legs (Boner)

Marek's weapons
XX000EDE - Bastard Sword of Dispel
XX01F3ED - Wolf Sword of Dispel
XX01CAE5 - Necrostaff
XX075FE0 - Vampiric Mace
XX03950D - Vampiric Dagger
XX01CAC9 - Vampiric Bow
XX01CACA - Vampiric Arrow
XX0C4176 - Vampiric Shield

Download Summon Vampire Marek by Room207 (Mirror), unpack the archive and copy SummonVampireMarek.bsa and SummonVampireMarek.esp to your Oblivion data folder (copying SummonVampireMarek.pdf is optional and doesn't affect the game).

N.B. This mod requires OBSE and Blockhead in order to work properly. If you don't want to use Blockhead you can add Marek's body parts and alternate outfit to your inventory using the console.

I'd like to thank the following modders for their assets. Please give me credit and get their permission if you plan to use any parts of this mod.

Room207 -

Summon Vampire
by kiki & Elza & kuucat2

Nexons Skimpy Sorcerer Armor
Nexxon -
Alienslof -

Eli's Head
Originally based on the Lop-ears Elf II mesh by
KKK kumakumakokuma (Tennoji Yukisuke)

Sinblood -

Witcher Bastard
Suhoi72 -

2h Sword - Wolf
Suhoi72 -

Mr. Siika's Bats
Mr. Siika -

Dustin -

The biggest thanks of course go to Kiki for creating his mod! So please don't forget to endorse his fantastic Summon Vampire v2.01b.

  • Marek is fully voiced, however his voice was generated with an online text to speech program so it doesn't sound natural. If anybody would like to offer their service for free and do the voice over, please email me and add some sample of your voice where you read any of his dialogue lines;
  • if one places a carrot in the martial artist's inventory Marek is supposed to fight barehands. Unfortunately the script seems to act up, irremediably causing a crash to desktop. Since I'm not competent with scripting, help to fix this would be appreciated;
  • likewise, if you place an apple in his martial artist's inventory he's supposed to hold the black crystal in his hand for screenshooting purpose. I've never tried this myself but I bet a crash will occur instead;
  • repeatedly switching between stay and follow via dialogue will cause a crash to desktop. This is not crucial since it can be easily avoided, but if anybody can find a fix I would be very grateful.
This mod has not been tested thoroughly so please feel free to report any bug that you might encounter.

Robert's screenshots

My dear friend Robert has taken several screenshots of my characters lately... and I thought it was a shame not to make them public, so I asked him for permission to collect them here in this post. Thank you Robert for your tribute to my characters, you really know how to make them shine!!!

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