Albino race


Today I'm happy to introduce you a new race, born by the joint efforts of Max and Dustin Flan. Albino 666 is a male only race created by Max with the contribution of Dustin's outstanding texturing skills. It comes in two variations: Albino catatonic and Albino autopsied. While catatonic is mysterious and elegant, autopsied is beautifully disturbing. As you can see in the picture below, the latter features a dreadful autopsy scar along the chest! Albino race is actually conceived for a scrawny body type, altough I used a muscular one in my screenshot. Doesn't it just look creepy and sinister and yet beautiful?


  1. max said...
    Aww this is so great! <333 Thank you for trying out my race and making a beautiful picture for me!
    Room207 said...
    It was my pleasure, really. Albino race is simply awesome!

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