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I made this mannequin to test custom made animations in nifskope. I also use it to test armor rigging and see if there's clipping to get rid of. It is based on Robert's male body 5.2 muscular and Growlf's universal skeleton so you can attach any animation to it. In order to do so open the mannequin.nif with NifSkope, then click on Spells/Animation/Attach .KF, select a .kf file of choice and press the play button if the animation hasn't already started. A few animations from Robert are included. Textures are included, too, click on Render/Settings/Auto Dectect Game Paths if they're not visible. You can replace the body meshes with female ones if you like. And here's the best tutorial to learn how to make custom animations and poses for Oblivion in Blender.


  1. max said...
    Hey Peter Ilu <3 Haha well. The mannequin comes in really handy to me. Also, i like the demonstration of your new head, i've been curious about it! Very nice work.
    I'll check out the tutorial. oh joy, it is about a kinda male! But i have to fix my blender first. i guess i've accidentally deleted the libraries it'd been using. :[
    Room207 said...
    Mmh, check this:
    Blender 2.49b Portable
    It is already bundled with the required Pyffi and Python librairies and with the necessary NIFscripts, not the latest but it works flawlessly nonetheless.
    max said...
    hey thanks! i NEED to try this version. as for your awesome mannequin, finally i'm able to sort that enormous bunch of lovers anims with his help XD THANK YOU!!! <3 its much better than CS, and i found so many new sexy anims for max and flan.. who generally spend time doing IT, you know haha... sadly i dont enjoy posing them as much as before.
    Room207 said...
    Maybe it's just temporary, you'll enjoy again taking pix of your boys as much as before!
    And glad this mannequin is gonna come in handy with those animations. ^_^

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