Blender Portable by Room207


A Portable copy of Blender 2.49b bundled with all the required librairies to work with nifs. I asked Hashmi to update this with the latest components but he never replied, so I learned how to do that by myself. This comes as a 7zip archive so you can carry it with you anywhere. I also included the necessary plugins to import/export .geom (useful for converting hair from The Sims 3), .mesh.ascii and PSK/PSA files.

Component details:

- Blender 2.49b
- Python 2.6.6
- Pyffi 2.1.11
- NIFscripts 2.5.9
- True Normals by Anthony D'Agostino
- Geom Plugin 0.5
- Mesh Ascii Plugin
- UDK Scripts
- Blender Tools 1.01 by Kormgar aka gerra6
- Blender TRI file scripts and Tutorial by Kapaer and Deedes

Credits go to Hashmi and the creators of X-Blender (winPenPack team). I have no merit except updating this with the latest version of Python, Pyffi and NifScripts. Special thanks to Kormgar for his scripts.


  1. max said...
    Peter I still cant make it with exporting nifs via this tool lol. do i have to actually install pyffi and stuff? 'cause i deleted everything, thought they're in this package.
    Room207 said...
    No Max, you shouldn't install anything. All you need is already in the package. It's very strange it doesn't work... what error do you get?
    max said...
    i dont get an error. at least there are no error logs in the console. i just don't see the nif format in the import section. although there is indeed everything in that folder to get it to work.
    i remember when i had my previous blender installation, it worked only with a certain version of python. i don't remember what version of the both progs i had had then. but i feel sorry i didn't learn it before- how to use this blender prog. it had been rattling in my comp for years. i think everyone lost interest in what i am doing, a long long time ago..
    max said...
    lol i typed 'export' in the first message.. i meant import ofc. its when one loads the .nif into blender for further work.
    Room207 said...
    It's very strange, everything you need is bundled in. There SHOULD be the nif format in the import choices... :(
    max said...
    do you know, did anyone else get this blender to work?

    since it's portable though i'll try to run it on my another comp.. too lazy for powering it on right now. well, infact i'm trying to finish the readme i'm sluggishly writing for a new race.. this is the hardest part for me lol.

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