Northern Lich Armor for Bodybuilder 2.0 by Room207


This is my Northern Lich Armor for the bodybuilder body. I made this mashup long ago and I never had the time to upgrade it to Robert Male 5.2. I thought I had to remedy this so I have spent all the weekend working on it. And since just replacing the body underneath the few armor pieces wasn't ok with me, I decided to add something new. I think the straps around the chest and the fur skirt give this armor a much better look than the previous release. I had a very hard time with the transparency of the skirt; somehow I couldn't get it right although I've been working a lot with transparency in the past, fixing uncountable hairs for my Comprhensive Cosmetic Compilation. In the end I found a way to workaround the problem and I managed to fix the skirt. I have made an image that shows the exact location of the armor in game. It's in a chest placed on top of the entrance to the Ayleid ruin of Ninendava, near the statue. The ruin is northeast of Chorrol and hosts a vampire coven, so it's better not to venture inside...


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