Northern Lich Armor for Bodybuilder 2.0 by Room207


This is my Northern Lich Armor for the bodybuilder body. I made this mashup long ago and I never had the time to upgrade it to Robert Male 5.2. I thought I had to remedy this so I have spent all the weekend working on it. And since just replacing the body underneath the few armor pieces wasn't ok with me, I decided to add something new. I think the straps around the chest and the fur skirt give this armor a much better look than the previous release. I had a very hard time with the transparency of the skirt; somehow I couldn't get it right although I've been working a lot with transparency in the past, fixing uncountable hairs for my Comprhensive Cosmetic Compilation. In the end I found a way to workaround the problem and I managed to fix the skirt. I have made an image that shows the exact location of the armor in game. It's in a chest placed on top of the entrance to the Ayleid ruin of Ninendava, near the statue. The ruin is northeast of Chorrol and hosts a vampire coven, so it's better not to venture inside...

Blender Portable by Room207


A Portable copy of Blender 2.49b bundled with all the required librairies to work with nifs. I asked Hashmi to update this with the latest components but he never replied, so I learned how to do that by myself. This comes as a 7zip archive so you can carry it with you anywhere. I also included the necessary plugins to import/export .geom (useful for converting hair from The Sims 3), .mesh.ascii and PSK/PSA files.

Component details:

- Blender 2.49b
- Python 2.6.6
- Pyffi 2.1.11
- NIFscripts 2.5.9
- True Normals by Anthony D'Agostino
- Geom Plugin 0.5
- Mesh Ascii Plugin
- UDK Scripts
- Blender Tools 1.01 by Kormgar aka gerra6
- Blender TRI file scripts and Tutorial by Kapaer and Deedes

Credits go to Hashmi and the creators of X-Blender (winPenPack team). I have no merit except updating this with the latest version of Python, Pyffi and NifScripts. Special thanks to Kormgar for his scripts.

Remodeled Steel Armor for Bodybuilder by Room207


Here's my second stock armor conversion for the bodybuilder body. I have completely remade the chest, thighs and upper arms and added a chainmail underneath the armor. I tried to be as much accurate as possible with the rigging, so there should be no major clipping issues. The one part I don't like is the plates on the sides of the hip, which bend unrealistically with the legs, but besides that I'm quite satisfied with the result. Since male and female characters share the same meshes for the steel armor a plugin - included - is required to replace the meshes only for the men. Oddly enough, this doesn't look that bad on the girls anyway...

Animation tester


I made this mannequin to test custom made animations in nifskope. I also use it to test armor rigging and see if there's clipping to get rid of. It is based on Robert's male body 5.2 muscular and Growlf's universal skeleton so you can attach any animation to it. In order to do so open the mannequin.nif with NifSkope, then click on Spells/Animation/Attach .KF, select a .kf file of choice and press the play button if the animation hasn't already started. A few animations from Robert are included. Textures are included, too, click on Render/Settings/Auto Dectect Game Paths if they're not visible. You can replace the body meshes with female ones if you like. And here's the best tutorial to learn how to make custom animations and poses for Oblivion in Blender.

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